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Collector Car

Tuscano can cover limited use, collectible cars with an American Modern Collector Vehicle policy. This is perfect for vehicles used on a very limited basis, such as in exhibitions, club activities, parades, and the occasional pleasure/leisure use and stored in a private locked garage when not in use. American Modern Insurance Group insures these vehicles on an Agreed Value basis, and therefore we are looking for vehicles that are in good to excellent maintenance, original or restored condition, and whose characteristics, unique features, rarity, and/or overall popularity with various generations, raise the desirability of the vehicle above that of the common auto.

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Complete guidelines for collector car are available on ModernLink through eForms

  • Auto or Truck
  • Kit Cars
  • Special Interest such as Fire Engines, Military Vehicles, Limo. Hearse, Police Car
  • Motorcycle (must be written in conjunction with a collector car, stand alone motorcycles are unacceptable)
  • Race Vehicle used for racing on pavement and not registered for street use. Race, speed contest, time trial, driver's education or on track event of any kind- While participating in, testing for, or practicing for any of these types of activities, coverage is NOT available while on the track or in the pit areas.

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Collector Car

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Valuable Vehicles: Not Your Typical Collector Vehicle Program
Valuable Vehicles: Not Your Typical Collector Vehicle Program

Ineligible Risks
  • Any car with lifted and fitted 20 inch wheels or greater is not acceptable.
  • Any car that underwriting has deemed to have unsafe modifications is not acceptable.
  •   Any vehicle which is being held for the use of its parts for another vehicle is not acceptable
  • “Monster Trucks” built to enhance off-road speed and handling with their most identifiable characteristic being extremely large tires and suspension.
  • Any off road designed vehicle with a lift of 4 inches or more or equipped with a winch or other modifications that serve the specific purpose of enhancing the vehicle’s performance when used off road. Other modifications that meet these criteria are subject to the underwriter’s discretion. 
  • Dune buggies or other vehicles designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, or desert recreation.
  • Mass produced electric vehicles are not acceptable.
  • Any usage or usage frequency not consistent with hobbyist/enthusiast purposes.
  • Annual usage is expected to be around 3,000 miles. Usage exceeding 7,500 miles per year requires prior underwriting approval. 
  • Insured’s principal means of transportation or substitute transportation for any regular use vehicle.
  • Driving to or from work more than 2 times per week. Must have the Occasional Commuting Endorsement to drive a maximum of 2 times per week to work
  •   Business or commercial use in excess of promotional use. Must have the Promotional Use endorsement for individuals involved in quasi-business pursuits with their collector vehicles. This would include vehicles that are sponsored to attend shows/events, vehicles utilized in business advertisements, and other similar types of activities.
  • Driveway or outside storage is not acceptable. The garaging facility must be a permanent, solidly constructed, structure that is fully enclosed and all entryways must have a functioning locking mechanism to prevent loss from adverse weather conditions, vandalism, and/or theft.
  • Vehicles held for sale or consignment are not acceptable.
  • All non excluded operators must maintain a regular use vehicle with a separate insurance policy for that vehicle.
  • Operators requiring an SR-22 filing.
  • Any of the following within 36 months prior to the inception date of the policy is not acceptable:  License suspension;  License revocation;  License cancellation; or  License barred
  • Operator without a valid license is not acceptable. Expired license must be remedied
  • Operators with less than 9 years driving experience are not eligible as primary or occasional operators on Exotic units, non-exotic that are highly modified for performance, motorcycles, or premium kit cars.
  • Any operator less than 16 years of age 
  • Any operator less than 25 years of age with any violation or at fault accident

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