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Tuscano has 2 “A” rated or better companies to serve your atv enthusiast.


With liability only or full coverage available and minimum premiums as low as $75, this is coverage your insured cannot afford to go without!

Underwriting Team 1-866-442-8063
  • Traditional ATVs, Sport ATVs, Utility vehicles and Dirt bikes
  • Direct-billed policies
  • Younger operators are eligible on units 251 CCs and smaller
  • Up to 10 driver points allowed
  • Many discount opportunities including those for transfer, multiple units, and loss free renewals
  • Limits up to 250/500/100
  • Protection for add-ons such as racks, trunks, winches, and other permanently attached accessories
  • Various payment options
  • $1000 accessories included

Most or all of our markets are available
Send it in! Most or all of our markets are available in these states
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
Limited markets available
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District of Columbia

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Ineligible Risks
  • Units that are unapproved Assembled, Custom or Refurbished. Refurbished refers to chassis or structural modifications. EXCEPTION: The installation of accessories, trailer hitches, trike conversions or sidecars is acceptable, unless there is resulting structural or chassis alteration. 
  • Units with only Physical Damage coverage(s). 
  • Units with frames and front ends (“forks”) materially altered from the original manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Units with freewheeling front wheels (front wheels must have braking system). 
  • Units used for racing, speed, hill climbing events or any other organized event, which includes the practice or preparation for any such event. 
  • Units used for law enforcement or security services. 
  • Units that have been salvaged or rebuilt. EXCEPTION: Liability only coverage is available for re-titled salvaged units with a State Assigned VIN, yet these units may not be bound until American Modern Insurance Group approves through the “Request for Approval on Custom Assembled or State Assigned VIN”.  
  • Units equipped with a nitrous system. 
  • Units that are turbo charged. 
  • Units that are homemade or kit built. 
  • Units not principally garaged at least 6 months in a state where there is an active American Modern Motorcycle Program. 
  • Units for sale or on consignment at the time of application. 
  • Units with any unrepaired/existing damage. 
  • Units that are dune buggies or snowmobiles. 
  • Units with more than one owner. EXCEPTION: Units may have more than one owner, if and only if, all owners primarily reside in the same principle residence. 
  • Units titled in the name of any business or association. 
  • Units used for commercial or business purposes. This includes, but is not limited o: (1) Units leased or rented to others. (2) Units used for business in a funeral or escort service. (3) Units used for business purposes (example: pizza delivery).

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