With 3 levels of protection, this policy is easy to write, and necessary for any snowmobile enthusiast. Policies can be written for liability only, liability and comp, or full coverage with our A++ rated carrier.

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Ineligible Risks


1. Not a mass-produced, factory built unit

2. Specifically designed and manufactured for commercial or business use

3. Used for commercial, business or rental use

4. Owned by more than one individual residing in separate households

5. Driven on public streets, roads or highways except while operating on a public trail

6. Operated in racing or speed contests or in practice or preparation for any such contest

7. Used on unfrozen water

8. Held for sale or on consignment

9. Stored at an unsecured location

10. The engine size is 125cc or less. Including, but not limited to:

a. Arctic Cat – Kitty Cat

b. Manta

c. Ski-Doo Mini Z

d. Yamaha Snow Scoot

11. There have been racing or competition modifications or conversions (Example – Engine, exhaust, track or suspension modifications other than factory recalls)


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