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Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Assistance
  • Why do I need a Login?
      • Access Tuscano’s online raters for quotes and/or indications on our most popular products
      • View the status of new submissions, including who is working on your submission.
      • Access Policy information including:
        • Review policy schedules, premiums and limits
        • Review payment history and policy balances
        • Download a pdf of the policies, endorsements, and invoices
        • Issue Certificates of insurance or replacement ID Cards
        • View financing information
      • Download ACORD and other carrier applications
      • Download marketing materials
      • Access agency reports
        • Expiration lists
        • Monthly Statement and Production & Commission reports (restricted to manager or admin level users)
  • How do I get assistance with web site passwords?
    • If you are a new user, your agency's Website Administrator can set you up with a user account/login. You may also click on the 'Request Website Login' link on the right sidebar of the Tuscano web page to submit a request for us to create your web login account.

      If you are an existing user and forget your password, use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Admin users can also reset a password for an existing user. At any time, you can also get phone support for using our website by calling Melissa Tressler, at 866-442-8063 ext. 112.

  • Do you offer any type of training on how to use your website?
    • We offer webinars with a live person who will walk you through the main areas of our website and highlights its many tools and features. To register for any of our webinars simply go to the 'Events' area of our site (found under the 'Home' dropdown menu) click on the webinars you would like to attend and follow the instructions to register.
  • What else can I do on the Tuscano website?
    • Find out what products we write: Our product pages (located within the 'Commercial' and 'Personal' links) allow you to gain a better understanding of what products we offer including the underwriters to contact and which of our raters you may take advantage of for that coverage.
    • Quote and Submit business: Use our fillable apps, e-quotes, and online raters.
    • Service existing business: Look up your policies, submit change requests or inquiries on commercial policies, issue certificates, reprint vehicle ID cards, pay your statement, get agency reports, monthly expiration lists and more.
    • Handy Resources: Information about our carriers, industry links, staff profiles, marketing materials, and lots more.
  • Can I use my email address as my User ID?
    • Yes, as long as:
      • Your email address is unique to you and not a shared email address,
      • Your email matches the email address we have on file for you, you can use your email as your User ID in lieu of the number sequence. (click here for additional details)
  • Can I log in once and access my other Tuscano accounts?
    • Yes as long as:
      • The unique email address you are using is the same one listed for you on all the accounts you need to access. If you use different email addresses for different Tuscano accounts, we cannot link the accounts together. You would need to logout and back in using the other email address or number sequence as User ID. (click here for additional details)
Writing Business
  • How do I obtain a new business quote?
    • Get a new business quote by emailing your completed Commercial Lines applications to submissions@tuscano.com or Personal Lines applications to plsubmissions@tuscano.com. You can also fax commercial submissions to 724-213-9119. In addition, we also offer the ability to submit online as well as online raters for certain classes of business. Check Tuscano.com for options on the line of business you need quoted.

      We will send you a submission confirmation which contains the underwriter’s contact information for your risk. You can also view the status of your submission in the Toolbox area of Tuscano.com.
  • What states do you write in?
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Maine
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • North Carolina
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Vermont
    • Virginia
    • Washington DC
    • West Virginia
    • Coverage in certain states may vary by company, territory, and class.
  • Do I need a surplus lines license when I write Surplus Lines business with your company?
    • NO! We are the licensed surplus lines licensee in the transaction. Tuscano takes care of making the filing, paying the taxes, and complying with the surplus lines laws of the states we write in. However, you must always have a resident or non-resident producer’s license for the state in which the insured is located.
  • How are my policies delivered?
    • We deliver all of our policies and endorsements via email. For policies, we include a link in the cover email that gives you the option to print your policy in our office. We then deliver the printed policy to you via USPS in 7 – 10 days. You can always download the policy documents from the Policies area of our website.
  • Do you offer policy download?
    • Yes we do! The Tuscano Agency is now offering policy download through IVANS Insurance Solutions! If you would like to register for download with Tuscano, please complete our questionnaire (only 7 questions!) to ensure your agency is properly set up as our trading partner in the IVANS Exchange. For more details about our Policy Download capabilities, please read our FAQs for IVANs download.
  • Can I access my policies on your website?
    • Yes you can. You can access your policies from the Tuscano Toolbox or use this link - https://www.tuscano.com/Accounts/AccountList/Index
      From the Policy listing, select any policy and you are able to access the following tools:
      • Policy Details – view policy details, check policy balance or make a payment, request a change on a policy
      • Policy Documents - download a copy of policy documents and invoices
      • Certificates of Insurance - issue certificates of insurance
  • Can I get a copy of my statements, production or commission reports online?
Accounting & Payment Questions
  • How do I pay my statement?
    • You can pay your statement online through ACH or Credit Card/Debit (VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX. Please note a processing fee applies). We also have an online payment tool through our website that is easy and secure. You can pay your statement in full or make a partial payment. You can also schedule a payment for a future date. Once you have set up the checking account information, you can enter additional without having to re-enter your bank information.

      You can also mail a check to the W.N. Tuscano Agency, P.O. Box 1027, Greensburg PA 15601. All statement payments are due no later than the 20th of the month.

  • How do I pay for a policy?
    • The same way you pay for your statement. If you have an invoice that you want to pay, you can make the payment online through ACH, or credit card/debit (VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX. Please note a processing fee applies) or by mail.
  • How can I tell what the balance is on a policy?
    • It is easy to check on a policy and get the current balance. Just login to our website and go to the Policies area. Select the policy you want to check on and click on the Accounting tab. Here you can view all items that have been invoiced on the policy, along with a history of the payments applied and the current policy balance.
  • Can I get my statement electronically?
    • YES! Every month your accounting statement is posted online under the My Reports area of the Tuscano.com Toolbox. We keep 12 months of statements available online. If your balance for the month is zero, no statement will be issued. If you would like us to stop sending you paper statements, just ask. If you have any questions regarding your account, a member of our Accounting Team would be happy to assist you, just give us a call!
Premium Finance
  • Do you offer premium finance?
    • YES! We can provide premium financing. Highland Premium Finance is our in-house finance company. Our relationship with Highland Premium allows us to provide you with a direct link from the Policies page on Tuscano.com to Highland Premium’s website where you can check balances and make payments. The Tuscano Agency also partners with IPFS to finance risks that are outside of Highland Premium’s licensed territory.
  • How do I get a finance contract for a new or renewal quote?
    • A finance agreement will be provided with new business quotes and renewals. You can also request an agreement at any time from your underwriter or by contacting Highland Premium at 855-442-8063 or premiumhelp@highlandpremium.com. Financing can be put in place after the policy is issued but you may be required to collect past due installments along with the down payment.
  • Where do I send the executed finance contract?
    • The signed finance agreement should be returned by email, mail, or fax to the Tuscano Agency, who will forward the agreement to the finance company after the policy is bound. The finance agreement requires a signature from both the insured and the producer. In certain states, like Pennsylvania, the producer can sign on behalf of the insured as their authorized representative.
  • Where should I send the down payment?
    • The producer should collect the down payment reflected on the finance agreement as that portion of the premium will be billed on your agency’s monthly statement. The down payment should be remitted to the Tuscano Agency with an agency check. You may also retain your commission when remitting the down payment. If an insured’s check is submitted for the down payment we will accept it but if the check is NSF (Non-sufficient funds – NSF fees may apply) the producer is still responsible for collecting the down payment.
    • Online Payment options: ACH, or credit card/debit (VISA/MC/Discover/AMEX. Please note a processing fee applies)
    • Mail option: PO Box 1027, Greensburg, PA 15601

      Highland Premium quotes have an ACH Authorization form attached which gives the insured the option of allowing Highland Premium to process an ACH direct from their bank account for the required down payment. If the down payment ACH is NSF (Non-sufficient funds) Highland will quickly notify all parties. As with checks, the down payment is still the responsibility of the producer.

      Highland Premium can also offer to process the down payment with a credit card. A processing fee for the credit card transaction will be charged directly to the cardholder by our credit card processer. Producers can call Highland Premium directly at 855-442-8063 to process credit card down payments and a receipt will be provided by email.

  • What are the benefits of financing with Highland Premium Finance?
    • Highland Premium is our in-house finance company and we work closely to make the financing process easy for the producer and the insured. Since Highland Premium works closely with the Tuscano Agency our partners receive superior service on financed policies.
  • How will my insured be billed?
    • Most insureds will receive a payment coupon book upon activation but they can also elect to sign up for automatic monthly ACH; the ACH Authorization Form is provided with all quotes. Accounts can also receive a monthly statement by request. The monthly statement can be mailed or emailed to the insured. Highland Premium will automatically provide a monthly statement for accounts with total premiums exceeding $10,000. Installment payments will start 30 days after the policy inception date.
  • What forms of payment does Highland Premium accept?
    • Highland Premium will accept money orders, paper checks, as well as e-checks and credit cards through www.highlandpremium.com. Check and credit card payments can also be processed over the phone by calling 855-442-8063. Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee charged directly to the cardholder.
  • Will Highland Premium Finance additional premium endorsements?
    • Typically yes, but not all endorsements can be financed. Highland Premium receives notification of invoiced endorsements and will automatically add them to the finance account where possible and will confirm this decision with the producer by email. Some endorsements will require an “add-on” finance agreement to be signed and an additional down payment to be collected. Highland will notify the producer promptly after the endorsement is invoiced and provide the “add-on” finance agreement when they are required. The “add-on” finance agreements are processed the same as regular finance agreements. If the endorsement cannot be financed, Highland Premium will advise the producer as to why the endorsement could not be financed.
  • What if the insured is late on their installment payments?
    • Highland Premium will work with you and your insured to keep policies in force when there are payment issues. Highland Premium goes through several cancellation avoidance steps before policies are cancelled for non-payment. Highland Premium’s friendly and professional staff is always ready to assist our producers and their insureds.
  • Can you finance multiple policies on the same contract or policies not written with WNT?
    • Yes, Highland Premium can quote multiple policies on one finance agreement to give the insured one convenient monthly installment. Highland can also finance policies not written with the Tuscano Agency.
Policy Service
  • How do I request an endorsement?
    • You can always email your underwriter or assistant underwriter with any changes. In addition, you can go online to Tuscano.com and click on the Policies page. Click on the policy link and you will see a ‘Submit A Request’ option where you can submit a Policy Change Request which will go straight into our workflow and into your underwriting team’s inbox.
  • Who takes care of service requests on my policy?
    • Typically, the underwriter or the assistant will be able to take your service calls. Often though, those requests are processed in our Policy Service department.
  • How can I obtain a Certificate of Insurance for my policyholder?
    • For the fastest turn around on a certificate of insurance, login to Tuscano.com and go to the Policies page. Look for the certificate TAB – you will be able to add the certificate holder information and print or email the certificate instantly. If your certificate requires special wording or additional insured status, your request will be submitted to the underwriter for approval. Requests can also be emailed to certs@tuscano.com or you can give Mary Jo Hajas a call at ext. 557.
  • How do I obtain loss runs?
    • You can go online to Tuscano.com and click on the Policies page. Click on the policy link and you will see a 'Submit A Request' option where you can submit a Loss Run Request which will go straight into our workflow. You can also email lossruns@tuscano.com
  • Do you provide expiration lists?
    • Yes we do. You can obtain your monthly expiration lists from our website. Within the Toolbox drop down menu, click on 'Expirations Lists'. Reports are available for each month in a 12 month cycle in which there are expiring policies.
  • How do I obtain renewal quotes?
    • The assistant underwriter reviews the policy and releases a renewal quote approximately 45 days prior to the policy expiration date. If you need a renewal quote sooner than that don’t hesitate to request it. If applications are required for a company to provide a quote, we will send that request well in advance of the expiration.
  • How does my insured dispute an audit?
    • The first step in avoiding an audit dispute is to make sure that the insured understands the need to audit and cooperates with the auditor’s requests. Typically, all they need to do is set up the appointment and honor it, and provide sales receipts or payroll records. Before the audit is finalized, the insured will be given the opportunity to review the information and sign off on it.

      Upon receipt of an audit, you as the producer should present the audit endorsement to the insured as soon as possible for review. If the insured does not feel that the data used in the audit is correct, they should immediately gather the correct documentation, and send it to the carrier. Or, if you would like, you can send it to Tuscano and we will forward it to the company. If you are unsure what information is required to dispute, please feel free to give us a call. All of this must be done within 20 days of the initial audit billing.