Mon Jun 28 2021

Are you asking the right questions?

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Are you asking questions that lead to conversation or are you a data collector?

Mon Jun 21 2021

What Motivates You?

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How to produce intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

Mon Jun 14 2021

Detrimental Distractions: Stop Multi-Tasking

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We are talking how distractions are detrimental to relationship and productivity

Mon Jun 07 2021

Fertilizing Your Team

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On today's episode, we are talking about nurturing and fertilizing your team.

Mon May 31 2021

Whisper Down the Alley: Avoiding Miscommunication

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We are talking about common miscommunications and how to avoid them.

Mon May 24 2021

The Importance of Cross Selling

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We are discussing the importance of cross-selling with the cross-selling queens at the Chester Perfetto Agency.

Mon May 17 2021

Are you mindful or mindless?

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We are discussing how to shift our thought process to create positive outcomes.

Mon May 10 2021

Are you drowning, and why?

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We are discussing how to ask for a lifesaver and when to throw one to a friend.

Mon May 03 2021

Does your sales process suck?

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We are discussing how a consistent sales process can lead to a better customer experience. BONUS! A fancy software system isn’t necessary.

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