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Mon Aug 16 2021

How Do You Recharge To Build Resiliency?

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Recharging builds resiliency. Join us as we share triggers that a recharge is necessary.

Mon Aug 09 2021

What’s with your attitude?!?!

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How do you want your attitude to be portrayed? How is your attitude affected when you’re working with someone who is positive/negative? How do you change your attitude when you’re in a funk?

Mon Aug 02 2021

Can You Make Someone Care?

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Do you feel that meetings are more agenda-based rather than caring about the content? Join us as we learn how to make others care about ideas, solutions, and conversations.

Mon Jul 26 2021

Does Presence Really Matter?

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Are you having a hard time getting out of your gym clothing for work? Does presence really matter anymore? Presence is so much more than a wardrobe……

Mon Jul 19 2021

I Work With A Bunch Of Kindergartner's

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Do you remember the rules in kindergarten? While they may seem simple like don’t eat the paste we can apply these to the insurance industry – an industry which is really a people business.

Mon Jul 12 2021

Dealing with the Silence

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Ever wonder if emails and voicemails drop into a black hole? Today we are talking about the lack of response from others.

Mon Jul 05 2021

Are You Resilient?

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How do you handle criticism, crisis, rejection, and failure?

Mon Jun 28 2021

Are you asking the right questions?

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Are you asking questions that lead to conversation or are you a data collector?

Mon Jun 21 2021

What Motivates You?

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How to produce intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

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