News & Views: May is Here!

Newsletter – Monday, May 2, 2022

What is the best way to celebrate a big event?  We do it all the time, commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations to name a few but do you do it the same way all the time?  For me, any celebration usually includes the 3 F’s – food, family, and friends.  And why do birthdays that end with a “0” seem to get even more attention?  I had one of those back in February and really didn’t want to have a lot of attention.

My daughter surprised me with a video to mark the celebration.  It turns out that she had solicited many, many friends and coworkers to send a 30-second video to mark the celebration.  So much for flying under the radar!  She did an amazing job, and it was humbling, to say the least.   It is just incredible how many friends took the time to respond and were so creative with their messages!  The video will be a treasure that I remember forever. 

Big events should be marked by something that is not easily forgotten.  A friend of mine recently shared that he writes a letter to each of his grandkids on their birthdays.  They are not just a birthday card; he includes a story or message that hopefully they will keep forever and will help to make a difference in their lives.  So, I think birthdays and special days are uniquely individual but allowing others to participate makes the experience all the better; that is part of what makes a community. I hope you have had a similar experience. 

Spring in western Pennsylvania seems unusually wet this year, but maybe I’m just getting old, and it’s always been like this!  The rain does make the green grass grow (faster than I can keep up!) and all the flowers come to life.  But it also makes the creeks rise and creates more opportunities for flood damages than most people can imagine.

Flood Insurance has changed faster than almost any segment of our industry in my opinion.  Five years ago, the National Flood program wrote almost all this business, and it was not easy to identify the elevation and zones.  Technology really has changed the game; mapping is automatic and correct all the time.  We can provide Flood coverage for everything from the typical residential home beside a creek to a $10 million home located in a flood zone.

We also have great markets for excess Flood coverages or for commercial Flood exposures.  It’s really easy to get a quote via our short submittal application on our website, or you can give Nicole Plues or Jessica Waltenbaugh a call to discuss your risk.  Whether it’s a new risk that needs placed for a closing or a renewal that can be moved out of the NFIP program, we’d be happy to give you a comparison quote. 

Happy Spring!

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