News and Views: Careers
Newsletter – Friday, October 15, 2021
It seems like everywhere I go lately business owners are struggling to find and hire new staff. On the news this morning, they are reporting that people are leaving their jobs in search of a ‘better fit’. I might be able to add some perspective here because both of my adult children left their jobs in the last 12 months. One was downsized and rather than go directly back into the job market, she took a "work hiatus.” My son Sam left his job because he felt he could find something where he would be more appreciated for his contribution. For the record, both of my kids have enough in their savings accounts that they could get along without unemployment for several months.
The point of me mentioning this is that I get the fact that American workers are looking for jobs that are fulfilling. I like to believe a great job is like your favorite pair of shoes. Not only is the shoe comfortable, and they fit great, but they are an expression of your style! When job-seekers find employers that are a great match of fit and style, well that’s the dream for both parties. I must be living a dream because Tuscano has hired 20 new employees this year and I truly believe we have found some awesome Tuscano team players!
What about finding your dream wholesaler? Hello – we’re here!! We are constantly assessing what it takes for a retailer and wholesaler to be a good fit. Yes, it requires the wholesaler to be responsive, easy to do business with, and to have great market access (Tuscano: check, check, check). It also means the retailer needs to have our same standards for underwriting integrity, pay their bills on time 😊, and send us business we have a shot at writing. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Speaking of great fit, what are you doing with your flood business? The National Flood Insurance Program is a regular topic in this newsletter! They have finally released the changes they’ve been talking about for months and they are significant. I believe the National Flood program needed an overhaul, but the impact of this change on flood insurance purchasers could be huge. That’s why having access to private flood markets is so important. Tuscano has multiple markets and programs that will fit your customers’ needs and pocketbook. Our programs use more specific-targeted underwriting criteria that I believe gives them the ability to price the coverage according to the exposures. It also enables them to target the business they want to write. I know there are a lot of other brokers putting themselves out there as flood experts, but why would you need another broker for this line of business when you already have a great fit with Tuscano?
Keeping the dream alive!