FEMA Resumes Writing Flood Insurance
Bulletin – Wednesday, January 2, 2019

FEMA Changes Course and Resumes Writing Flood Policies

You may have gotten our email last week informing you that although the NFIP was reauthorized, they will not issue new policies, make changes to existing policies, or issue renewals.   However, on the evening of Friday, December 28, FEMA rescinded its earlier guidance as follows: 

On December 26, 2018, FEMA informed you that due to a lapse in annual appropriation the NFIP may not sell new insurance policies, renew existing policies, or make monetary endorsements on existing policies. Effective immediately, this guidance is rescinded and NFIP Insurers may resume the sale, renewal, and monetary endorsements for flood insurance policies. Please treat the program as operational since December 21, 2018, without interruption. We appreciate your support, understanding, and patience these past few days.

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