News and Views: The New Generation
Newsletter – Friday, July 16, 2021
What the heck!? Ever since we made the BIG announcement last week, everyone I talk to keeps congratulating me on my retirement! For the record I haven’t, I’m here and it still feels like work!
Work stories come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from a short gig at a neighborhood market when I was in high school, Tuscano Agency has been my only employer. That’s 41 years in a job which, I understand is almost unheard of for younger generations. What can I say? I have the best job, the best workplace, and the best team. They will have to drag me kicking and screaming, or maybe park me in a wheelchair outside the door.
My kids are part of that new generation that I’ll call seekers. My daughter Grace did 4 years in college, graduated with her degree, and promptly moved to Boston while assuring us she would find a job. True to her plan she joined the HR team at Trip Advisor and found a work community she enjoyed. It probably wouldn’t have lasted forever, but Grace was one of the people whose job was cut during the pandemic. So, for the last year, she’s made the most of unemployment - dipped into her savings, gone back to school, pulled up stakes, and recently found a new job. Good for her!
My son Samuel’s experience has been very different. We dropped him off at college and he decided after the first semester that college was not for him. He moved home, got a job at a local plastic injection mold plant, and found his work community. Those three years taught him a lot about teams, mission, and collaboration. Unlike Grace, he worked extra time through the pandemic, but recently decided he was ready for a change and was confident enough to take a break. Yikes!
For a dad that has never been unemployed a day in his life, it can feel a little scary. But what I have learned from my kids is that they are smart and resilient. It is a joy to watch them live their best lives, but it is their adventure.
Our staff is the most important asset the Tuscano Agency has. We invest a huge amount of effort and energy into creating a work community where people can invest their talents and do their best work. It is a testament to our leadership team and especially our VP of Human Resources, Elizabeth Ferrell. She makes all the difference when it comes to making sure that “seekers” find a home here at Tuscano.
I’m wondering if the insurance industry isn’t heading into the hangover phase of the pandemic? We are beginning to see some tremors in various markets. Commercial auto is especially hard and getting harder. Fortunately, we have a great lineup of markets and a very talented transportation underwriting team to help you with your commercial auto accounts. Whether it is local or long haul, one or one hundred units, hauling sand & gravel, or dog food - give us a call!
Drumroll, please!! You now have an additional reason to place your commercial auto business with Tuscano! We have finished our testing and are fully certified to start downloading commercial auto policies. If you are signed up to receive IVANs download from Tuscano for commercial lines business, you will now receive commercial auto in addition to general liability policy transactions beginning Monday, July 19th. Sign up under our Tuscano Reminders section below.
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