News & Views: Learning or Knowing
Newsletter – Monday, July 15, 2019
Recently, a friend made a comment that caught my attention; he said, “Knowing gets in the way of learning.” And here I always thought that knowing was the goal – as in winning, arriving, or the point of it all. 
I like to learn so I pressed him on his assertion. His point was that to be able to learn I first need to be willing to learn, and second - I need to feel safe. Otherwise, I will revert back to what I know (or think I know) and block out anything that challenges me. And, if I take it a little further, then I have to conclude that learning is much more about the environment (open and safe) than it is about the external inputs. In that regard, we have a great team of people here at Tuscano and what they know about risk, regulation, markets, and insurance would fill a library.
Our management team has been talking a lot about styles of communication. We are learning that people have a huge diversity of personal styles and one is not more right than others. We all have our strengths and things that can hold us back. While each and every one of us really ‘know our stuff’, it is the dynamic of Team Tuscano that allows us to keep learning and improving. 
You may have noticed that here at Tuscano we are big on teams! In most underwriting departments we pair an underwriter with an assistant underwriter to maximize their capacity to write business and service the accounts they write. In addition to that, each underwriter and assistant are part of a bigger underwriting team that specializes by line of business. In doing so, we encourage a learning environment – one you can tap into with confidence. 
By now I hope you know that you can call Tuscano for Private Flood insurance. It seems like practically the whole country is being pounded by rain and storms that can quickly turn into flash floods. At any time, a street or an alley can turn into a raging waterway – so yes, Flood Coverage makes sense even if you don’t live next to a body of water. Call Nicole Plues! She can help you with placing personal or commercial flood coverage in any flood zone or region. 
The Tuscano Property, Package, and Liquor Team has been hitting on some great accounts and making customers happy in the process. They know their markets and how to get the best quote whether you have an apartment complex, schedule of dwellings, or a commercial use building. When we talk package, that means they can help with any line of business (except transportation) to support the property line. Liability, Inland Marine, or Excess coverage – if we can write one part or all parts of an account for you they are the team to help you. Restaurants are a good example where they often package up the property, liability, and liquor coverage. Need some bells and whistles with your package? Just ask – equipment breakdown, assault & battery, umbrella, or work comp – they are the team that you want working for you!