News & Views: Lead Foot
Newsletter – Monday, April 15, 2019
Apparently, I’ve got a lead foot and the state of New York wants to cure me of it. On a recent excursion through the great state to the north, I was ticketed for my bad behavior. OK – I get that. But the punishment wasn’t the ticket – it was in trying to pay the ticket.
I was instructed to call the enforcement agency ("Do not delay!" it said) to find out just how much this citation would cost me. I was in a compliant frame of mind and dutifully did just that. After waiting on hold for nearly 45 minutes I was informed that my ticket wasn’t in their system yet – call back. Short of having my citation dropped, “So sorry for your inconvenience sir, let us waive the ticket for you,” I doubt this experience will ever be redeemable. 
Fortunately, here at Tuscano, we believe picking up the phone can take us from simply completing a task to engaging our customer. We are much more effective with a ‘live’ conversation that enables us to cover all the details. We also love relationship building and often a phone call is the best way for us to do that (aside from meeting you face to face). And yes, a phone call often can be redeeming!
I get it, I’m old-school and I place a high value on a simple conversation. I can usually get to the heart of the matter and have a good sense of the desired outcome when I'm on the phone. Tuscano believes there is a better way to engage people. It starts with the two wonderful ladies who answer our phones. They do everything in their power to connect you to the right person. I also know that every expert in this organization values being accessible, and giving you quick response time. All while having a smile in their voice. 
Speaking of problem-solving – don’t forget that Tuscano is here to help with your private flood needs. I am enthusiastic about the changes we are seeing in the flood markets and that we are finally able to offer real alternatives to the NFIP. We are finding that we can compete with the NFIP in both pricing and coverage options. A customer doesn’t need to have a home on the water to need flood insurance. Are you looking for a fast and easy quoting experience? Check out Tuscano’s online Flood Rater. Or pick up the phone and give Nicole Plues a call. I promise you the experience will be great!