News & Views: David & Goliath
Newsletter – Monday, April 1, 2019
Is bigger always better? Apparently not if your name is Goliath. In our 21st century lives, we have become obsessed with bigness – whether it is too big to fail or which superpower has the biggest and fastest growing economy. Sometimes big means powerful, but sometimes small does too.
I like being small and independent! It keeps us lean and mean and in touch with you, our customer. Granted, Tuscano is not really a small business anymore. I mean, how can you say that with nearly 100 employees (with 1,486 years combined insurance experience). We have worked really hard to be significant with our customers and in the marketplace. But almost every day I have to remind myself, and my staff, that it comes down to the individual who picks up the phone, searches the market, or rescues a renewal gone sideways. When we are one hundred Davids, partnered with you, in the face of a Goliath – well that is powerful! 
Like us, you have many customers who you have watched grow through the years. What a privilege it is to play a role in the success of another, being a trusted advisor and resource to your customers. That’s when you know you make a difference!
Do you know who else makes a big difference? The Tuscano Property, Package and Liquor team. They are on a roll, and it’s not limited to one class of business or territory that is driving their success. What, you ask, should you send to these gals? Vacant Properties and Dwelling schedules are a good start. Followed by Apartments, Student Housing, and Lessor’s Risk properties. They are also happy to dig into accounts with specific risk characteristics or expansive schedules. They get to the right market, get them to listen and to respond! Oh, and don't forget Flood Coverage.
This team is also your go-to for Hospitality exposures of any type. They know the industry and how to insure it. So whether you have a mono-line Liquor risk or a need to package up the entire establishment they've got you covered. Now is a great time to work with us; several markets have been exiting this class or just pulling back. If you have a risk being non-renewed give them a call and they’ll be your trusted advisors.
April showers bring May flowers!