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Carrier NAIC list
Our NAIC codes will have an 'M' appended to the code to distinguish them as brokerage carriers through MGA Resource/Tuscano. Alien Insurers such as Lloyds of London will have a 6-digit code with no 'M'.

This is a full list of all carriers Tuscano places business with. We recommend you only load the carriers information for your active policies.

Click HERE to download the company NAIC codes list.

Code Carrier
10349M Acceptance Casualty Insurance Co.
20010M Acceptance Indemnity Ins. Co.
10166M Accident Fund Insurance Co of America
22667M ACE American Insurance Company
20702M ACE Fire Underwriters Ins Co
26417M ACE Insurance Company of the Midwest
20699M Ace Property & Casualty Insurance Co
24856M Admiral Insurance Company
33898M Aegis Security Ins. Co.
22837M AGCS Marine Insurance Company
19402M AIG Property Casaulty Company
26883M AIG Specialty Insurance Co
13016M AlleghenyPoint Insurance Company
35300M Allianz Global Risk US Insurance Company
22730M Allied World
10690M Allied World National Assurance Company
24319M Allied World Surplus Lines Ins Company
19720M American Alternative Ins Corp
21849M American Automobile Insurance Company
20427M American Casualty Company of Reading PA
23450M American Family Home Ins Co
26247M American Guarantee and Liability Ins Co
12228M American Interstate Ins Co of TX
31895M American Interstate Insurance Co
23469M American Modern Home Ins. Co.
42722M American Modern Property and Casualty In
38652M American Modern Select Ins. Co
19615M American Reliable Insurance Company
25433M American Safety Indemnity Co
15954M AmTrust Ins Co of Kansas, Inc
0 AmTrust Insurance Company
11150M Arch Insurance Company
21199M Arch Specialty Insurance Company
19801M Argonaut Ins Co
13900M ARI Insurance Company
43460M Aspen American Insuarnce Comapny
120337 Aspen Insurance UK Limited
10717M Aspen Specialty Ins. Co.
23140M Associated Industries Insurance Company,
29033M Atain Insurance Company
42846M Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
37273M AXIS Insurance Company
26620M Axis Surplus Insurance Co
18279M Bankers Standard Insurance Co.
37540M Beazley Insurance Company, Inc
41394M Benchmark Insurance Company
39462M Berkley Assurance Company
15911M Berkley Casualty Company
32603M Berkley Insurance Company
29580M Berkley Regional Insurance Co
18343M Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Company
20044M Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Ins. Co.
12372M BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company
11014M Brookwood Insurance Company
23620M Burlington Insurance Company
10464M Canal Insurance Company
12961M Canopius US Insurance, Inc.
10472M Capitol Indemnity Corp
10328M Capitol Specialty Insurance Co
10510M Carolina Casualty Insurance Co
24503M Catlin Indemnity Co
15989M Catlin Specialty Insurance Co
36951M Century Surety Company
38989M Chubb Custom Ins. Co.
12777M Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company
41386M Chubb Insurance Company of New Jersey
10052M Chubb National Insurance Company
20400M Cimarron Insurance Company, Inc.
39993M Colony Insurance Company
36927M Colony Speciality Insurance Company
31127M Columbia Casualty Company
19410M Commerce & Industry Ins. Co.
29734M Conifer Insurance Company
20443M Continental Casualty Company
35939M Continental Divide Insurance C
28258M Continental Indemnity Company
35289M Continental Insurance Company
37206M Contractors Bonding and Insurance Compan
10499M CorePointe Insurance Company
44520M Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Co
10855M Cypress Insurance Company
37184M Deerfield Insurance Company
42048M Diamond State Ins Company
10724M Eastern Alliance Insurance Company
28649M Eastern Atlantic Ins. Company
25402M Employers Assurance Company
11512M Employers Compensation Insurance Company
10640M Employers Insurance Co of Nevada
10346M Employers Preferred Insurance Company
10641M Endurance American Insurance Company
35378M Evanston Insurance Company
10120M Everest National Insurance Company
35181M Executive Risk Indemnity, Inc.
44792M Executive Risk Specialty Ins C
41483M Farmington Casualty Company
20281M Federal Insurance Company
39306M Fidelity & Deposit Co of MD
21873M Fireman's Fund Ins Co
11177M First Financial Insurance Co.
10859M First Nonprofit Insurance Company
27626M FirstComp Insurance Company
11185M Foremost Insurance Co.
14249M Founders Insurance Company
22209M Freedom Specialty Insurance Company
37923M GEICO Marine Insurance Company
10833M Gemini Insurance Company
37362M General Star Indemnity Co.
11967M General Star National Insuranc
39861M Golden Bear Insurance Co.
25569M Gotham Insurance Company
23809M Granite State Insurance Co
37532M Great American E&S Insurance Company
16691M Great American Ins Co
22136M Great American Ins Co of NY
25224M Great Divide Ins. Co.
340043 Great Lakes Insurance SE
18694M Great Midwest Insurance Company
20303M Great Northern Insurance Company
22322M Greenwich Insurance Company
15032M GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company
14167M GuideOne National Insurance Company
10956M Guilford Insurance Company
34037M Hallmark Insurance Company
26808M Hallmark Specialty Insurance C
26611M Hamilton Insurance Company
13551M Hamilton Specialty Insurance Company
22292M Hanover Insurance Company
22357M Hartford Accident & Indemnity
29424M Hartford Casualty Ins. Co.
19682M Hartford Fire Ins. Co.
11452M Hartford Steam Boiler Insp. & Ins. Co.
30104M Hartford Underwriters Ins. Co.
10200M Hiscox Insurance Company
14027M Hospitality Insurance Company
42374M Houston Casualty Company
12936M Houston Specialty Insurance Co
14484M Hudson Excess Ins. Company
25054M Hudson Insurance Co.
37079M Hudson Specialty Ins.Co.
35246M Illinois Insurance
23817M Illinois National Insurance Co
27960M Illinois Union Insurance Co.
35408M Imperium Insurance Company
43575M Indemnity Ins Co of North Amer
36940M Indian Harbor Insurance Co
19429M Insurance Company of State of PA
120822 International Ins Co of Hannover SE
22829M Interstate Fire & Casualty Co
23647M Ironshore Indemnity Inc.
25445M Ironshore Specialty Ins Co
12203M James River Insurance Company
10885M Key Risk Insurance Company
38920M Kinsale Insurance Company
37680M Lancer Insurance Company of New Jersey
33138M Landmark American Insurance Company
19437M Lexington Insurance Company
19917M Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc.
23043M Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
10725M Liberty Surplus Insurance Corp
28932M Markel American Insurance Co.
38970M Markel Insurance Company
26743M Maxum Indemnity Company
22241M Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company
23329M Merchants Mutual Insurance Co
12775M Merchants National Insurance Company
36838M Mesa Underwriters Specialty Ins Co
10998M Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual
23418M Mid-Continent Casualty Company
23612M Midwest Employers Casualty Co
26662M Milford Casualty Insurance Company
14575M Millers Capital Insurance Co.
26522M Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Co
14420M Mount Vernon Specialty Ins Co
37974M Mt. Hawley Insurance Company
11991M National Casualty Company
20079M National Fire & Marine Ins. Co
11044M National General Insurance
20060M National Ind Co of Mid-America
20087M National Indemnity Company
42137M National Indemnity Company of the South
20052M National Liability & Fire
21881M National Surety Corporation
19445M National Union Fire Ins Co
66869M Nationwide Life Ins. Co.
23787M Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
17370M Nautilus Insurance Company
42307M Navigators Insurance Company
36056M Navigators Specialty Ins. Co.
23841M New Hampshire Insurance Co
17400M Noetic Specialty Insurance Company
31470M NorGUARD Insurance Company
25038M North American Capacity Insurance Co
29874M North American Specialty Ins
21105M North River Insurance Company
27987M Northfield Insurance Company
13045M NorthStone Insurance Company
39608M Nutmeg Insurance Company
34630M Oak River Insurance Company
23248M Occidental Fire & Casualty Co of NC
24082M Ohio Security Insurance Company
14175M Oklahoma Specialty Insurance
22748M Pacific Employers Insurance Company
20346M Pacific Indemnity Company
34118M Peleus Insurance Company
32859M Penn America Insurance Co.
10121M Penn Patriot Insuarnce Company
10673M Penn-Star Insurance Co.
21962M Pennsylvania Insurance Company
12262M Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Assoc Ins Co
17914M Philadelphia Contributionship
18058M Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company
25623M Phoenix Insurance Company
15137M PinnaclePoint Insurance Company
30945M Plaza Insurance Company
37257M Praetorian Insurance Company
10900M Preferred Employers Insurance Company
12588M Prime Insurance Company
10786M Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines Ins Co
39217M QBE Insurance Corp.
11515M QBE Specialty Insurance Co.
15756M Radnor Specialty Insurance Co
11673M Redwood Fire & Casualty Ins Co
40479M Republic-Vangard Insurance Company
13056M RLI Insurance Company
12491M Rochdale Insurance Comapny
35505M Rockwood Casualty Ins Company
22314M RSUI Indemnity Company
15580M Scottsdale Indemnity Company
41297M Scottsdale Insurance Co.
10672M Scottsdale Surplus Lines Ins C
19879M Security National Insurance Co
39926M Selective Ins Company of the Southeast
10936M Seneca Insurance Company, Inc.
10729M Seneca Specialty Ins Co
22985M Sequoia Insurance Company
38776M Sirius America Insurance
10726M Somerset Casualty Insurance Company
12294M Southwest Marine and General Insurance C
30481M St Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Company
24767M St. Paul Fire & Marine
40045M StarNet Insurance Company
38318M Starr Indemnity & Liability Co
13604M Starr Surplus Lines Ins. Co.
25496M Starstone National Insurance Co
44776M Starstone Specialty Insurance Company
12837M State National Ins. Co.
12831M State National Insurance Co
40436M Stratford Insurance Company
15136M SummitPoint Insurance Company
34487M TDC Specialty Insurance Company
42376M Technology Insurance Company
21857M The American Insurance Company
25615M The Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company
10713M Third Coast Insurance Company
10945M Tokio Marine America Insurance Company
23850M Tokio Marine Specialty Ins. Co.
20494M Transportation Insurance Company
31194M Travelers Casualty & Security Co of Amer
19046M Travelers Casualty Insurance Co of Amer
29696M Travelers Excess and Surplus Lines Co.
25658M Travelers Indemnity Co.
25674M Travelers Property Casualty Co of Ameri
27120M Trumbull Ins. Co.
29459M Twin City Fire Ins. Co,
25895M U.S. Liability Insurance Co
29599M U.S. Specialty Insurance Company
35416M U.S. Underwriters Insurance
112300 Underwriter's at Lloyds
123000 Underwriter's at Lloyds
128001 Underwriter's at Lloyds
128791 Underwriters at Lloyd's
120156 Underwriters at Lloyds
13064M United National Insurance Co.
41335M United National Specialty Ins.
12537M United Specialty Insurance Co
21113M United States Fire Ins Co
29157M United Wisconsin Insurance Company
15326M Utica First Insurance Company
44768M Vantapro Specialty Insurance Company
20397M Vigilant Insurance Company
15824M Watford Specialty Insurance Company
25011M Wesco Insurance Company
10030M Westchester Fire Ins Company
10172M Westchester Surplus Lines Ins
13188M Western Surety Company
13196M Western World Insurance Co
39845M Westport Ins. Corp.
11932M White Pine Insurance Company
13234M Wilshire Insurance Company
26166M Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance Co
31232M Work First Casualty Company
37885M XL Specialty Insurance Company
13269M Zenith Insurance Company
30120M ZNAT Insurance Company
27855M Zurich America Insurance Co of Illinois
16535M Zurich American Insurance Company