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Moriah Moore

Department: Packages, Property & Liquor Photo of Moriah Moore
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Job Title: Hospitality Assistant Underwriter
Email: mmoore@tuscano.com
Phone: 1-866-442-8063 ext. 316
Status: Refreshing...
Underwriter: Betsey McCreary
What is your morning routine like?
Dog walks, podcasts, and a little self care.
How do you take your caffeine?
What do you like most about your job?
The people & the culture.
What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?
I get to help people & make connections.
For stress relief you:
Read, watch The Office, exercise, or take my dog for a walk!
Not everyone knows I:
Am also a licensed Cosmetologist.
How I ended up in Western Pensylvania:
I was born & raised in Pittsburgh
Your passions in life:
Family, friends & food.
Do you have any pets?
Two dogs! A three year old husky mix named Cali & a thirteen year old lab mix named Alfred.
I am addicted to:
Coffee & sunshine.
What was/is the first position you held at Tuscano Agency?
Hospitality Assistant Underwriter