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Nichole Perzel

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Job Title: Growth Facilitator
Email: nperzel@tuscano.com
Phone: 1-866-442-8063 ext. 616
Status: Refreshing...
What is your morning routine like?
I start my morning with a run or a workout. This helps me to get pumped for the day! I get my daughter ready and off to school and then I start my work day.
What is the first thing you do when you get in the office?
I turn my on my music and check my emails. Music makes everything just a little bit better!
How do you take your caffeine?
I drink a natural energy drink every morning.
What do you like to work on first thing in the morning?
I check my emails and voicemails so that I am completely up to date.
Do you pack a lunch or go out?
When I am on the road I go out if I am in the office I typically would pack a lunch.
What do you like most about your job?
The people! I love working with people!
What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?
No two days are ever the same! This industry is constantly changing and I find that exciting!
What is your favorite chore?
Cleaning the kitchen and yard work. I love to cook so my kitchen has to sparkle. I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors so any excuse to be outside and I am there!
For stress relief you:
I typically run or workout or go kayaking. I also practice mediation and yoga. Gardening is very therapeutic as well.
Not everyone knows I:
I have been a motivational speaker for several events.
Your passions in life:
I am passionate about helping others. Whether family, friends, or clients I truly enjoy helping and motivating others in whatever capacity I can.
If you could do anything at all, what would it be?
I would like to inspire others to be the best me that they can be! Maybe one day become a life coach, write a book, etc. I'd also love to have my own prepared meal business. I really enjoy cooking in bulk!
Do you have any pets?
I have three cats - two old cranky cats and a younger kitten who rules the house!
I am addicted to:
Trying new food/discovering new restaurants. I also enjoy working my way through an entire cookbook at a time.
What was the first job you ever had?
I sold train sets at a local Christmas Village as a teenager. The real kicker - I had to dress as an elf!