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Diane Hanchosky

Department: Casualty and Workers Compensation Photo of Diane Hanchosky
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Job Title: Assistant Underwriter
Email: dhanchosky@tuscano.com
Phone: 1-866-442-8063 ext. 116
Status: Refreshing...
Underwriter: Dina Papas
What is your morning routine like?
My morning routine includes walking my dog and getting a good breakfast.
What is the first thing you do when you get in the office?
The first thing I do when I get in the office in the morning and tell everyone "Good Morning"
How do you take your caffeine?
I love Diet Pepsi
What do you like to work on first thing in the morning?
I like to work on emails first thing in the morning.
Do you pack a lunch or go out?
I usually pack a lunch but I do like to go out on Wednesdays.
What do you like most about your job?
Everyday my job is different. I like the change, it's not a normal day to day job.
What is your dream account to write?
My dream account is a trucker that doesn't have driver issues and low claims.
What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?
The insurance industry is ever changing. It's fun to see what people need insured.
What were you shocked to discover about the wholesale insurance business?
It's fun to see what people need insured.
What is your favorite chore?
For stress relief you:
Go to the Gym.
Not everyone knows I:
Love Nascar
How I ended up in Western Pensylvania:
Born and raised here
Your passions in life:
Don't live faster than your Guardian Angel can travel
If you could do anything at all, what would it be?
Travel more
Do you have any pets?
I have a beautiful Dog and precious Cat