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Nicole Beaver

Department: Small Business Unit Photo of Nicole Beaver
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Job Title: Underwriter
Email: nbeaver@tuscano.com
Phone: 1-866-442-8063 ext. 303
Status: Refreshing...
What is the first thing you do when you get in the office?
The first thing I do when I get to the office is go get some coffee.. because I am hardly a morning person, but who would be if you got up a t 5:20 every morning. :-)
Do you pack a lunch or go out?
Depends on if I get up earlier enough to pack a lunch..hahah
How I ended up in Western Pensylvania:
I was born here! :)
If you could do anything at all, what would it be?
If I could do anything at all career wise.. I would open a bakery. I love baking and just do it sometimes because i'm bored. All the things I make though end up coming into the office which some of my co-workers don't enjoy.
Do you have any pets?
I have a dog, his name is Ruger. Ruger is a black and tan coonhound mix. I also have a cat named Macaroni and Cheese.. named by my daughter.
What was/is the first position you held at Tuscano Agency?
My first job at Tuscano Agency was receptionist.
What was the first job you ever had?
The first job I ever had was a cashier at a local Foodland in Delmont. Best job ever!