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Missy Greenberg

Department: Administration Photo of Missy Greenberg
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Job Title: Vice President of Operations
Email: missym@tuscano.com
Phone: 1-866-442-8063 ext. 725
Status: Refreshing...
How do you take your caffeine?
The strongest, blackest coffee you can give me.
What do you like to work on first thing in the morning?
Nothing, unless you count re-arranging my pillow as work.
Do you pack a lunch or go out?
Depends on whether or not I can dig up a lunch date.
Not everyone knows I:
Have a degree in English.
Your passions in life:
My son, he is an absolute character.
Do you have any pets?
Elton (yes, he is named after Elton John)
What was/is the first position you held at Tuscano Agency?
I was originally hired to do some part-time forms programming.