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News and Views: Harvesting Gratitude

Newsletter – Thursday, November 16, 2023

November 20th, 2023

I’m sitting in my office looking at a blank screen, expecting a newsletter to materialize, which is not the best feeling in the world. My writer’s block is often self-imposed because when I think about topics I see in the news feeds, I know I can’t bring any of that up! It’s too early to ask Santa for a year’s worth of newsletter topics (but you can be sure it will be on my list this year). I also thought about going to ChatGPT to see if she would write the newsletter for me, but that’s like asking your sister to do your homework.

Could this be the end of an era for Rob Tuscano? Not only did I give up my title and office, but must I now give up the newsletter, too?! I don’t even think Robin believes in Santa!

But wait, I can always talk about insurance! Specifically, let’s talk about some of the success stories we’ve had at Tuscano in recent weeks. Our Brokerage Team just wrote a very nice package for a Motel account in Westchester County, NY. Total TIV was a little over $7.8 million, and the premium was around $200,000. Our Transportation Team is rolling right along, writing mid-size accounts. We just placed a nice garbage hauler in Northeast PA with two power units and seven trailers. That premium came in at a little over $20,000. 

The Casualty Team wears many hats – but I noticed they’ve hit on some nice Work Comp accounts of all sizes. A recent success story is with a fertilizer manufacturer that was non-renewed due to losses that we placed at a little over $35K. The Property/Package and Hospitality underwriting team has recently bound a couple of golf clubs. One of them was a private club with numerous exposures (as private clubs often do). It came in at just over $20,000. I could keep going because every underwriting department at Tuscano contributes mightily to the success story of Tuscano. Whatever you have on your desk or in your pipeline, call Tuscano first!

Next week is Thanksgiving already! Don’t forget to take the turkey out of the freezer! Just as importantly, note that Tuscano is closed on Thanksgiving and the Friday following Thanksgiving. Of course, we’ll be back at our desks bright and early Monday morning.

I hope you will have time to slow down and enjoy your family and friends this holiday. As you gather, don’t forget to be thankful; it is contagious.

I am always grateful for you, my friends,


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