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Newsletter – Wednesday, July 19, 2023

July 19th, 2023

As I was walking around the farm with my pup recently, I realized that I have only ever lived in 3 houses: the one I grew up in, an apartment when I moved out of my parent’s home, and the house I live in now. Of course, I could barely afford my house when I bought it, and some say it should have been condemned, but over time it has become my castle! Which makes me realize I’ve also only had three jobs in my life, not counting delivering newspapers: I roofed for my brothers for a while during the summer, I worked in a small neighborhood deli after school and weekends, and then I joined the Tuscano Agency

That brings me to one last 3-fact. I recently moved into the third workspace at the agency I’ve ever occupied. In the earliest days at Tuscano, everyone worked side-by-side, which we call ‘open-plan’ nowadays. We used that as the core of our training program – learning by overhearing! Thank goodness we do better today! When we did our first major office expansion, I got an office to myself and one with a great view of the people around me, coming and going. Robin is now going on his 3rd year as President of the Tuscano Agency, and I realized it was time to turn over the digs that go with the title. The only thing I miss in my new space is the ability to look down the hall and see if Jinny is sitting at her desk. Now we both have to go looking for each other. 

Mobility, as you can see, is not my strong suit, but when it comes to insuring mobile business, that’s another story! Did you know that service contractors on four wheels (or maybe even less) are a big trend right now? You see them everywhere – dog groomers, auto detailers, or bartenders. I even have a nephew in Scottsdale that does mobile brake repairs – Nate’s Brakes! What I’m saying is when the service provider goes to the client, you can come to Tuscano to insure the business! 

One recognizable advantage of working with the Tuscano Agency is our free continuing education and informative webinars. We focus on topics that are practical or dealing with coverage you may not be all that familiar with. Visit our website events page to check out the schedule and register for online courses. Next month’s featured CE is all about Remediation Contractors,which is a fast-growing industry and one we are well-positioned to insure!

Stay cool, and have a great day!



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