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Newsletter – Wednesday, February 15, 2023

February 15th, 2023

Which one are you? You watch the Super Bowl for the ads, you tune in for the half-time show, you are there for the game and only the game, or you go shopping because everyone else is at home in front of the TV? Face it – it’s an event for Americans by Americans and over 30% of the population is engaged with it. While I was rooting for the other Pennsylvania team, I must congratulate the team from Kansas City; they played a great game and are deserving of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (plus Patrick Mahomes is super cute).

As the leader of a talented team (but not nearly as cute) I know what it takes to score, rack up wins, and move on from our losses. You can’t lead without taking risks. You also must be able to build your team around the complementary talents of all the players. That’s what I perceived on Sunday night, and quite frankly, it’s what Team Tuscano focuses on every day of the week.

For someone who regularly watches football but will fast forward through the advertisements, I admit that I watch super bowl ads with almost as much devotion as the game itself! I have my own favs from this year. Topping the list was Will Ferrell driving through scenes of popular Netflix shows in an EV Dodge Ram, the dog food ad about a girl and her dog growing up and older together, and one that most of the pundits seemed to have missed (or ignore), Be like a Child – He gets us!

Advertising works (mostly). At Tuscano our strategy is to keep you looking for more! Sometimes you might miss an announcement or ad (because you fast-forward them right to your trash folder). Don’t stop reading now – we have some great news to share about a very important product line!

Insuring vacant property is a Tuscano bailiwick (yes, it is a sphere in which we have superior knowledge and authority)! Not only that, but we literally love writing this business! We want to share that love with our brokers and all you have to do to feel the love is quote and bind vacant business online with our Tuscano Vacant Rater. You can earn yourself 12% commission on the risk – for as long as the policy is in force!

What types of vacant business can you quote & bind online? Almost all of it! You can quote vacant dwellings, commercial property, or vacant land up to $2M value. We have broad underwriting guidelines to accommodate almost every type, location, age, or state of renovation. And the really great news is for everything that doesn’t fit the rater, our underwriters have the superior knowledge and authority in the marketplace to turn a quote around for you on that business as well.

I get you! You love to earn more commission and you like it to be easy and have the backing of a great team! Well, you found your answer for placing vacant business with Tuscano and all of your brokerage needs!

Happy Valentines Day – we love you, baby!

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