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News and Views: Love is in the Air!

Newsletter – Thursday, February 2, 2023

February 2nd, 2023

The James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Award Semifinalists have been announced! OK, probably no one else reading this letter gets as jazzed as I do scanning down the list of eateries and imagining what kind of food experience one could have in these establishments. I’m pleased to say that Pittsburgh got a couple of mentions for Top Chefs. I’m putting Apteka and Fet-Fisk on my bucket list!

You’ve probably heard me say before I am a Foodie; I love a great restaurant/food experience. I also love cooking a great meal, but the best meals always include being with people I love. Going to great lengths to cook something special just doesn’t seem worth it unless you can share it! And, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what better time to talk about my 3 loves – Food, Family, and Insurance!

Once a month I get to share all 3 of these loves here at the office. To celebrate being back in the office, I’ve been cooking lunch for the staff once a month. We’ve always called these meals birthday lunches, but I think we should switch to calling them “We love being back in the office” lunches. Over the summer, I’d mostly grill, although we do enjoy our epic crab boils in July! Last month I cooked up several stuffed Pork loins. I’m an amateur chef so figuring out how to get food cooked to the right temperature and serve it hot is challenging. I’ll even admit to a rookie mistake of going with instant mashed potatoes – what a cluster that was!

There’s no good way to cut corners in the kitchen and have great results, just like there is no way to cut corners on insurance coverage! By now, we should all be aware of our professional obligation to offer commercial clients the option to purchase Cyber Liability coverage. As a trusted advisor, we offer this supplementary line of business because we believe every business has exposure to data breaches and ransomware attacks that can disrupt business for days resulting in loss of income and extra expenses.

Don’t be like Rob Tuscano and cut corners! Tuscano Agency has made it super easy to add a Cyber quote to all your proposals with our online Cyber Liability rating tool. I know you can’t make a client purchase the coverage but adding a Cyber Quote to your proposal is easier than instant mashed potatoes and a lot less messy! With more dependence on technology comes greater exposure to this risk; it’s more likely that your customers will have a data breach experience than General Liability loss. Here’s the good news - Tuscano has several markets that specialize in Cyber Liability. You have the option to get a quick and painless (only 5 questions!) indication for Cyber coverage with our online rater or give our talented Professional Liability Team a call to discuss a risk and pursue a quote.

It just so happens that Tuscano is offering a course on How to Cross-Sell Cyber During Insurance Reviews this month. I promise that you will come away from the class learning something new and thinking about how you should be using Tuscano for writing Cyber!

Love is in the air and at the Tuscano Agency!

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