News and Views: Fireworks & the 4th of July

Newsletter – Friday, July 1, 2022

Independence Day is still one of my favorite holidays! I was shocked to learn that Americans have been taking the day off and setting off fireworks since 1777! I was also a little surprised to learn that Congress did not declare July 4th a paid federal holiday until 1938. That crazy FDR – always looking for ways to boost patriotism and rally the citizenry!

I too am a proponent of celebrating Independence Day. For many years Teri and I threw a big shindig. I’d often have to take off the week before just to get the farm ‘party-ready’.  That meant putting up tents, setting up the fireworks in the field, and getting the pig ready for roasting! While we no longer host a big barbecue at the farm, we still find ways to celebrate with family and friends. I’m hoping you will have this opportunity as well. As a reminder, Tuscano is closing at 3 PM on July 1st to get a jump start on the holiday weekend and of course, we are closed on Monday, July 4. We’ll be back at our desk on Tuesday ready and able to handle any and all of your brokerage business!

My personal belief is that our connection as Americans, neighbors, and just plain old freedom-loving folk make this holiday a great way to bond.  

For all the other days of the year, feel free to bond with your go-to Tuscano underwriter over a submission!  We know you don’t always love sending business to a wholesaler, but why pass up an opportunity to write business or solve a customer’s problem? I’ve heard it said that Tuscano agents really appreciate working with our underwriters – they are friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.  I think I can say with confidence that we make it easy to do business!

One line of business that everyone is scrambling to get their arms around is Cyber Liability. As professional risk managers, we definitely need to understand the exposures and coverages involved. We have an online Cyber Liability rater that makes it very simple to get a quote. With only 5 basic details, you can walk away with multiple quotes with explanatory documents and claim scenarios for your clients. In fact, why not bookmark the page and add a Cyber quote to all of your commercial proposals? Need to talk to an underwriter about Cyber Liability? Deb Stoner and Sandy Ossont are happy to help.

I appreciate the fact that you take the time to connect with Tuscano when you read this newsletter. While I love being able to share my stories and news about Tuscano and the broader industry, I hope you don’t ‘stop’ reading when you get to my signature! This email contains a lot more news and information that should be helpful to you and your team.

I also realize that for many of you, using a broker is a last resort, but allow me to reframe ‘last resort’ a bit. Using two common meanings for resort - a place that is frequented for relaxation and pleasure and an action that resolves a difficult situation - kind of makes Tuscano your happy place!

Have a great weekend!


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