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Newsletter – Monday, May 16, 2022

I was heading home from a meeting in Scottsdale, AZ a few weeks ago and happened to layover in Las Vegas, NV and it just seemed a little crazier than usual. I quickly realized the 2022 NFL Draft was being hosted by the city. And that got me thinking about a New York Times newsletter I’d just read entitled. It may sound moralistic, but the gist of the article was about the ability of experts to predict outcomes and for employers to “hire” well. And guess what – the writer posited that it is just as hard for NFL teams to hire new players, even with all of the analysis and stats in hand, as it is for you and me. He also reminds us of the Tom Brady rule who was drafted 199th in the 2000 NFL Draft whereas as many teams who recruited first-round QBs fared much worse.

The bottom line is none of us can see into the future. We evaluate every new team member based on what is most important to us, and this is based heavily on our mission and our culture. Elizabeth Ferrell is Tuscano’s V.P. of Human Resources. She is on the frontlines of the draft for insurance talent and has her work cut out for her. The leadership at Tuscano is intent on building a team that not only wins but wins because we recognize all of our team member’s contributions and efforts.

Spring has finally arrived in western Pennsylvania! Yahoo! I can get back on my bike, get to my many farm chores that were on a rain delay, and my contractors can finally start the jobs we’ve lined up months ago!

Now that contractor season is in full swing, you will likely get calls to insure these risks. Contractors of all types – builders, mitigators, or service providers all fall into Tuscano’s wheelhouse. Whether they are a new venture, one-man shop, or multi-state operation, we have 50-plus years of success placing this business and the A-Rated Carriers to offer coverage. Even if you come across a business model you’ve never worked on before, pick up the phone and call us! We have a few fumblerooski plays in our playbook that may WOW you.

Here's a great play to make – sit in on our newest CE Class - High-Value Risks. This informative session is available on-demand OR register for the live event and earn CE. In this webinar, we focus on insuring high net-worth/high profile clients in which you will walk away with knowledge on how to cover your clients’ high-end assets. It is well worth your time to sit in for this 1-hour webinar.

Did you know that the Tuscano Personal Lines team can help you place coverage for your high net-worth clients? Our “Masterpiece” policies allow us to bundle autos, homes, valuable articles, watercraft, and umbrella policies. Who knows, with help from Tuscano, maybe you can insure the next Kenny Pickett!

Thanks for your business!

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