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Newsletter – Thursday, April 14, 2022

Advertising is a fascinating topic! The goal of advertising is to get noticed and then to create interaction and opportunity.  An exceptionally long time ago, Tuscano used to advertise on the back cover of an insurance journal that was widely distributed in our region. It was not cheap at the time, and I have to say that we would invest a lot of effort and money to try and get recognized for the business we were advertising. After spending many years and thousands of dollars, we stopped because we recognized that it did not affect the number of opportunities that we received. 


Watching the Masters this weekend was fun, but it seemed like the golfers had lots of logos on their shirts and hats that I did not recognize.  I had no idea whom they were endorsing, and it made me wonder if it ever makes a difference?   Have you ever bought something of Nike’s because of who was endorsing it? Seeing the Big Penguin on Cameron Smith’s shirt just made me think “what is that?”. I am sure it feels good to see your name in lights and associated with a product you like or admire, and Michael Jordon received more compensation from Nike and the shoe deal than he received for playing basketball. Please don’t get me wrong, these athletes are amazingly talented and work very hard to earn their money. They invest a lot of hard work in their sport and can accomplish things that no one else can do.  But can you ever picture Michael Jordon wearing something other than Nike? 


While Tuscano has never paid a professional for an endorsement, I do love the company I keep with my fellow Tuscano employees! It’s the hard work and care to get the job done right and build trust with you, our customer, that encourages you to send the next submission to us (without a big celebrity endorsement to encourage you!).  


It is a great pleasure to announce that Karen Lipinski has taken on the role of the manager of the Casualty Team. Karen joined Tuscano in 2012 and had great success as a Casualty underwriter and has worked as the assistant manager for the last 8 months. She has the endorsement (see what I did there?!) of her team as well as the Tuscano leadership team and we know her experience and knowledge are going to be great assets! We couldn’t be happier and more excited for her in the new role.  We are also excited that Tim Hoelle, the previous Casualty manager, will be staying on as our AVP of Underwriting and working on a variety of projects that will continue to help us get better.


I would be delinquent in my job if I did not ask for some Casualty business here! One of the biggest lines we write in Casualty is contractors. While that is a very broad term, we have a very broad appetite and many different channels to help provide coverage for whatever your client needs. Give us the opportunity to help you help your customers; you will not be disappointed!


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