News and Views: Coffee, Wine, or Food
Newsletter – Monday, November 1, 2021
There are all kinds of snobbery; I happen to know people who are wine snobs, coffee snobs, and food snobs. My sister will admit to falling into the coffee category and I have plenty of friends that have a touch of wine snobbery, and I belong in the foodie category. I would rather skip a meal than eat something that is not worth eating. I love good and interesting food, although I have been known to resort to fast food drive-thru. I’ll admit to ordering 2 burgers – one for me and one for my dog.
Fortunately for my wife Teri, I will up the ante when she and I go out for a meal. I always lean towards patronizing locally-owned restaurants. This doesn’t necessarily make the food better, but I like the idea of supporting local business owners. And I believe anyone who owns a restaurant must love food (and being independent) as much as I do. I once popped into one of the finest dining restaurants in Greensburg and found the owner running the floor scrubber in the kitchen. To say I was surprised was an understatement. He said that the job needed to be done and nobody would do it better. I appreciate it when a business owner pays attention, down to the very last detail. And recently, for the hospitality business, it often means putting on an apron and waiting tables.
Here at Tuscano, they won’t let me underwrite an account anymore, or even open the mail! But you can believe that I will pick up the phone when customers call me. I love this business and really believe we make a difference to our customers and insureds. If there’s a job that needs to be done, all of the Tuscano staff and management roll up their sleeves and “git ‘er done.” Does that make us insurance snobs? Nah.
As insurance professionals, we have to be experts! It’s easy to check the boxes for GL, Property, Work Comp, or Auto risk exposures. But in the digital age, data breach risk is real and Cyber Liability insurance is essential to business continuity. Business owners must put in place basic preventative measures against cyber-attacks. That’s no less important than installing fire extinguishers and smoke alarms! But just because there are have safety systems in place doesn’t mean a property owner would go without fire insurance! Neither should your client forgo Cyber Liability. Contact Debbie Stoner or Sandy Ossont to learn more about the programs and markets Tuscano offers. They will truly make your job easier and help you write this business.
Tuscano CAN do it!