News & Views: Home-Town Credentials
Newsletter – Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Just last week, Teri was flipping through a magazine she subscribes to called Country Living and happened across an article “The Country’s Best Small Towns” that featured Honesdale, PA. This got her attention, because my parents met in Honesdale, my mom was the captain of the Honesdale Sr. High School girls’ basketball team; Honesdale was the town I vicariously grew up in.
The article featured numerous thriving and start-up small businesses. I am paraphrasing here: this tight-knit community is full of charm but is progressive enough to support three of my favorite things – craft beer, coffee roasters and handmade chocolate! While I am certain the folks in Honesdale are blushing over the effusive praise heaped on them by a nationally published magazine, when you are the kind of place that “looks out for each other”, I’d say you have something pretty special. Honesdale welcomes you to visit them in the heart of the Pennsylvania Pocono Region, as their motto says, “A great place to visit, a better place to live.” I can hear a road trip calling!
Tuscano has been fortunate to have built some really strong and long-lasting relationships with independent agents who likewise have built a business on their home-town credentials. We love supporting your communities and the people who put down roots and invest locally. Really, when you think about it, insurance people are all community-minded; some of our communities just happen to be more populous. And as an industry, I think we look out for each other pretty well.
Which is why Tuscano loves writing Hospitality business! I mean, we love being hospitable, and we love food and drink(ing). The local restaurant and bar industry had to reinvent themselves and do it with agility. Takeout will never be the same; even the local fire hall fish fry is doing drive thru. We have seen new ventures open in these crazy times and the community still comes out to support them. It’s in our entrepreneurial DNA to support business that have a good product to sell. And while all this re-invention has been happening, our team of hospitality experts have been delivering insurance solutions and exceptional service.
Last week we broke a new record with folks who participated in our Eeeeeeek! Fleets webinar, a great primer on writing trucking accounts with five or more units. Our dedicated team of fleet underwriters asked me to remind you to call them if you have a trucking risk you need to place. They are experts who are willing to walk you through the submission process. And don’t forget, if you missed the live streaming of the webinar, this one, and all our product webinars are available on-demand.
And finally, not to end this newsletter on a bummer note, but I believe we have all been struggling with delays in mail delivery. We’ve heard horror stories about mail taking weeks to show up across town. I’d like to remind you that no policyholder should ever lose their insurance because the check did not show up on time! Either you or your policy holder can make payments on our website and when they are bank drafts, there are no additional fees. Payments made before 3PM are applied the same day they are made. Pay your statement, pay an invoice or have the policyholder pay us directly. No fuss – no fees!
I for one, am ready for Spring! Have a wonderful day!