News & Views: Better Than Average
Newsletter – Tuesday, March 2, 2021
You may find this hard to believe, but I’ve never really been the BEST at anything. I wasn’t the best student, the star on the football field or the most popular kid at school. I was pretty average. However, I had a lot of friends, I was a starter on the football team and they let me graduate!
Back in 1970, when Bill Tuscano started this agency, it was common for a wholesale broker to refer to themselves as generalists. Basically, it meant “We do anything”. And indeed, Tuscano Agency did. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that we pulled out of writing Life and Health lines of business!
Now, when I hear that word, I cringe just a little. I don’t want Tuscano to be thought of as pretty good at a lot of things! We are insurance specialists with the expertise to solve almost all of your insurance needs. That’s where having access to a broker like Tuscano really completes the picture for independent agents. Whether you need help with a class of business you do not have a market for, or assistance with a risk that doesn’t fit your markets, Tuscano CAN do it!
Bill Tuscano was tenacious; he built the agency with hard work and by working on just about everything that came in the door. On any given day it could have been a mobile home, or a mobile home park; a beauty shop or beautician’s professional liability; a tractor-trailer, the stuff in the trailer or the work comp for the driver of the truck. It may sound like we are a generalist agency, but today, you get teams of underwriting specialists that can play on the level of any so-called expert. And I challenge you to find friendlier folks to work with!  
You’ve probably heard there is a housing shortage in many areas of the country, which means vacant properties of the ‘nicer’ variety go on the market and move off rather quickly. I’m here to tell you when you get a rougher piece of property that’s not going anywhere, or is under renovations, give us a call or rate it up yourself on our website. Not all vacant properties are created equal. We write vacant dwellings, but we’ve also been known to write a vacant mall, vacant car dealer, vacant warehouses and so much more. If you need some help feel free to give us a call. We write short-term policies or have options with pay plans and financing.
Last but never least, we’ve been knocking down some pretty nice trucking accounts lately. One reason for that is we’ve dedicated some extraordinary talent to fleet business and work hard to qualify the opportunities quickly. If you have experience in this line, you’ll know it is extremely competitive but far from cheap! Transportation business can be complicated, but our underwriters will take the time to tell you if an opportunity is worth pursuing and what we will need to get you a quote.
Thanks for reading and making me feel, better than average!