News & Views: Good Habits
Newsletter – Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Thank God I’m a country boy! I look out my front door to see the sun rise over the Laurel Mountains and my back yard runs into the Derry Ridge. At least twice every day Esther (my pup) and I walk out the back door and take a trail through the woods for exercise. Although, if we were counting steps, Esther logs about 3 times as many as I do! She and I have worn a path through the woods and I’ve come to realize, that even though I have enough acreage to create alternative trails, I always follow the same route. Not only do we walk the same trail, we always walk a clockwise direction! It wasn’t until I noticed someone else’s footprints in the snow going the opposite direction that recognized what a creature of habit I am!
I’ve got my share of good habits like drinking my 32 oz. of water every day, or intentionally checking in with my remote staff. However, I’ve realized that 9 months of social distancing has also caused me to develop a few bad habits. Bottom line - the difference is being intentional.
Sometimes we do things out of habit and we don’t even realize it. For instance, you may be in the habit of sending all of your contractor business to Tuscano but what are you doing with your flood business? A couple years ago as the NFIP was going through one of its many rates and rule changes, we saw the opportunity to enter the private flood marketplace. In short order we’ve become flood experts, with competitive market options and a simple quoting process. Whether you prefer to rate a risk online or call an underwriter, we can help. We are even offering free CE via webinar on expertly navigating flood coverage for your clients. Check out the details online and to register. It’s a great way to make it your habit to use Tuscano for more of your brokerage business.
Our company has invested heavily in creating a customer experience that is consistent and repeatable. We are focused on building customer connections - like educational webinars, product webinars, and onboarding webinars for your new staff. Tuscano staff are responsive and our underwriters are knowledgeable and driven. Call us – we pick up the phone, we respond to your emails, we solve your insurance problems! And if we do right by you, we believe you’ll do right by us. That’s my solemn country boy promise!
RIP Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.