News & Views: It's Ohana
Newsletter – Monday, February 1, 2021
One of my kids’ favorite movies from their childhood was Lilo and Stitch. Granted, it’s been 15+ years since we watched that movie, but the lessons it taught remain to this day. Lilo is an orphan and Stitch is a runaway alien. Together they unlock the meaning of ‘Ohana’, the Hawaiian concept of family. I am one lucky guy because I have known that family is everything from a very early age. Recently looking through picture albums my parents kept, I see page after page of us six kids, through every iteration of our lives, surrounding our parents. It’s Ohana.
The Tuscano Agency has also gone through many iterations. We’ve grown from a dozen people to nearly 100! And while we aren’t a small family business any more, I have a lot of pride in that fact that we have never lost sight of our Ohana. And through the years, we’ve only gotten better – better solutions, better service and better tools. Making Tuscano your broker of choice just makes good sense.
We have always strived to provide all lines of insurance that our customers need in a brokerage relationship. From the earliest days of the agency, we’ve written professional liability and other specialty lines such as EPL, Cyber, Allied Medical and D&O. As the agency has grown so have our markets and expertise. I am jazzed that we have a team of underwriters dedicated to underwriting professional liability coverage, and they have well over 50 years of combined experience. They are at the forefront of the trends in our industry as new hazards and forms emerge. If you’ve been sending your professional submissions somewhere else you should really send them to or give Debbie or Sandy a call. You will be happy you did.
Like most of us, the transportation industry has seen its share of disruption over the past year. Everything from ports being closed to construction jobs shutting down, not to mention the holiday season when there was an overwhelming need to move goods all over the country. Through it all our team of transportations specialists have supported the men and women that move the goods our country relies on. Our Transportation Team does a great job sifting through the submissions they receive, working with brokers to understand the risk and give you a fair assessment of what to expect. Some accounts shouldn’t move from the carrier they are with, and we will let you know if that’s the case. But when the risk fits the appetite of one of our markets, they work incredibly hard to get you a quote they can bind. Whether you are a trucking newbie or an experienced trucking broker, our team can get you to the point of productivity very quick. You owe it to yourself to give them a call – Kelli, Janis, Kris, Matt and Ryan are all at your service!
There’s always more products and teams to talk about than there is room in this newsletter so I will leave you with this thought; you can call us for anything and we’ll give you our best advice, just like family. 
We love to write insurance!