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Newsletter – Monday, January 18, 2021
I’m always taking stock in the month of January, how about you? We are reviewing our calendar year results, putting our strategic plans in place, and we hold our all-agency annual meeting, a ‘State of the Agency’ of sorts. At this time of year, I’m especially mindful about counting my blessings! While we all had to work extra hard to overcome many challenges and disruptions in 2020, Tuscano would like to take this moment to express our appreciation for all that you, the front-line of insurance, do for policyholders, claimants, and stakeholders.
The Tuscano Agency is here to support you. From Nancy & Bernie taking care of your claims needs, to the incredible team of commercial underwriters providing insurance solutions. From Mary Jo issuing your certs almost as fast as you can hit the send button, to our team in Personal Lines that move incredible numbers of submissions every day. Whether it is answering the phone, helping you with financing, handling your accounting inquiries, or sending you a renewal quote, we take pride that we can deliver excellence to the people on the front lines.
I’m excited about the year to come. I feel more hopeful, and confident that we’ll be on the other side of the pandemic soon, that people will get their jobs back or find better ones, and that I can start going out to eat – one of my favorite pastimes! 
Something that never fails to excite me is sharing all of the really beneficial and cool tools and services Tuscano makes available. These are not just tools to reduce our overhead, they are tools that can save you time and money! Keep reading because I will bet you a dollar you will find something here you didn’t know you could do.
10 things to love on
  1. Access your Production and commission reports any time of the year
  2. Download your monthly Expiration list
  3. Issue Certificates of Insurance
  4. Download your policy documents
  5. Download an in-force policy list
  6. Really cool 50th anniversary video starring our founder, Bill Tuscano
  7. Policyholder or Agency payments (due to Tuscano, not for carrier direct bill)
  8. Over 80 online rating or submit tools
  9. Free Cost estimator tool
  10. Sign up for IVANs policy download!
By the way, that’s just scratching the surface of what you can do on our website. If you haven’t reviewed the website lately, check it out. Or drop our marketing team an email and they will happily give your agency a walk through the website.
Long ago we made a pact with ourselves; go great or go home! If we don’t bring value to you, then we’d have to admit to mediocrity and that’s just not acceptable. We love this business, we love the people we work with, and we love bringing value to the everyday challenges of writing E & S insurance. That about sums it up.

Stay hopeful always