News & Views: Out With the old...
Newsletter – Thursday, December 31, 2020
There’s an old tune that we sang when we were kids – I think my sister learned it in the Girl Scouts (and yes, I was an honorary scout when my mom was a leader). It goes like this, “Make new friends but keep the old, the one is silver and the other gold.” I know it’s not necessarily a New Year’s tune, but for some reason it keeps swirling around in my head, so I’m going with it! This is the promise I am making myself on the last day of 2020. I will make 2021 a new beginning and leave 2020 behind, but I will remember the lessons of this year, both the good and the difficult, because it didn’t kill me, and quite possibly, made me stronger.
To all of our friends, old and new, I hope you find your silver lining to 2020 and that you have much more prosperity and hope in the year to come. You helped us finish the year hopeful and optimistic that better days lie ahead. But when I look back, there are more than a few high notes to be thankful for:
  • We rolled out IVANs policy download for our customers. I think you will find few other wholesalers willing to make this type of investment that solely is for the benefit of their customer.
  • We completed the purchase of Green Mountain Agency, a Vermont wholesaler and happily, brought on board two members of their team, Daisy Lasky and Casey Palumbo. Tuscano’s territory now stretches from Maine to Florida!
  • We pivoted in March to full remote operations with barely a hiccup. In fact, we did it so well, I’m now begging my staff to come back to the office
  • Thankfully there is a vaccine, against all odds, and I for one, will be taking the needle so I can move about unrestricted once again!
We have big plans for the coming year and I can’t wait to start chipping away at some of our goals and objectives. I’m especially pleased that we are planning to invest in our two most important assets, our staff and our customers. So, keep an eye out for more good things to come in 2021. 
Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your trust and confidence in the Tuscano Agency. Our success hinges on you. We know you have a choice in the Broker you use, and we are thankful for your business. I know my team here are thrilled to be starting out the new year with a sense of opportunity and momentum. Let’s do it together and make 2021 the best year ever!
Happy New Year to all!