Dear Santa...
Newsletter – Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Dear Santa,
I know, here we go again, it’s the middle of December and I’m finally writing to you. Celebrating Christmas this year will be different, but I’m glad some things will never change. The Spirit of Christmas is all about Tidings of Comfort and Joy!  I for one would like to take this opportunity to be hopeful, to look for the good in life, to see the beauty in the world, and to spread peace and love.
Thank goodness for Christmas and the holiday season.
You know I am still a believer. I still believe in giving back. I still believe in good people. I still believe in paying it forward and kindness. As you once told me, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart, so I still believe in the spirit of the season and because of that, I have this list for you:
  • I’d like to ask you to let it snow! And I just don’t want a little dusting; I want to be able to take Esther out on a Cross Country ski run
  • How about spreading a little bit of your famous pixie dust around all who celebrate the holidays this season– you know the kind that makes reindeers fly? I’m sure we could all use a little luck and magic
  • Mike Ledgard, who headed our building and maintenance, retired last week! He has finished all of our remodeling projects here at the office so that means that our office dog, Diego, has retired too. 
  • Can we please have a new office puppy?
  • I have no natural music ability; I can barely play Spotify! But I am a huge fan of the great guitar masters: Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, and Duane Allman just to name a few. Their playing is so inspirational for me that I was thinking, if you put a guitar under my tree, maybe I could learn to play. I promise I won’t sing along!
  • Our Personal Lines Team is wrapping up some pretty nice Homeowner’s insurance coverage for customers who’ve faced market disruption. Please let our brokers know that we have dwelling markets to insure these homes both old and new, in the city or in the country. Very soon, we’ll be able to add on coverage for dog bites and sewer back- up, too
  • Our Transportation Team is one great bunch of insurance pros! They sure do deserve a special gift this year. They have been writing old & new and big & small. How about sending them more fleet business? I don’t even care if it has “hair” on it!  
  • In fact, everyone here at Tuscano would like to do something special for the folks we work with. We believe every opportunity to work with them is a gift, and that we can make their day with our insurance solutions and a first-class customer experience.
I (always) believe!