News & Views: Dear Genius
Newsletter – Wednesday, January 2, 2019
Dear Genius

Are you OK with me calling you that? I’m not one for name-calling, but you must be a highly- enlightened person of insurance for choosing to broker business with the Tuscano Agency! Your insurance IQ must be off the charts! 
I’ve set out a few goals for myself in this New Year and the first one is to acknowledge and thank all of our customers for their business. Because of you, the Tuscano Agency has thrived - we are writing business in 21 states, we have 99 employees in the insurance and premium finance operations, and we’ve got ‘heft’! We’ve used our hard-earned growth to invest in our community, our staff, and our relationships. Along the way, our team has made some fans and we are hearing good things from you about our friendly service and helpfulness. We’re not perfect (yet) but that’s what big goals are for! 
With that, I thought I would share a few of my goals for this New Year:
  • Rack up the call time. I get my fair share of customer calls, which allow me to learn what is happening in your agency and how business is going. What I am always eager to learn (and therefore raise my own enlightenment status) is how Tuscano can help you write the insurance business you want to write.
  • We’ve got a toolbox for you. We are constantly adding tools and providing services that we believe makes it easier to do your job – mostly through self-service on our website. They range from making online payments (either you or your policyholders can do it), online certificates of insurance, retrieval of policy documents, online rating tools, and even appetite guides for the products we write. We want to be your secret weapon for writing more business. Whether that is through providing you with more online tools or by showing you how the online tools work! 
  • Get out! We want to get to know you and your team better which means getting out into your communities, holding seminars, hosting events and generally giving you the chance to meet our team. We have also staffed up so we’ll have even more Tuscano folks on the road, stopping by your office and sharing your feedback with all of our staff. 
  • Keep it simple (I’m not stupid!). No really, we are looking to simplify, streamline, and lower the bar to writing good business, all while being experts in our profession and writing profitable business for our carriers. 
  • Get smart! Or at least smarter. Every day I want to learn something new. I am committed to using what I learn to build an agency that our customers love and can’t live without. You’ve suffered enough with mediocre service, this is your year to experience brokerage the way Bill Tuscano meant it to be!
Thank you again for being you! And for walking this path with us. We wish you and your agency all the best in 2019 and beyond.