News & Views: A Story to Tell
Newsletter – Monday, December 3, 2018
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! The Tuscano family tradition is to gather for dinner and then sit around the table(s) and tell stories. Some of them are recent events and what’s new in our lives, others are reminiscences of growing up, shared memories, and funny anecdotes. It’s the best part of our family gatherings and it doesn’t matter if it is around the turkey or around a campfire, I am very thankful for the family I’ve been blessed with.
Stay with me here, but I was also thinking about the stories we hear when we go to a funeral. It is on the complete opposite end of the family gathering spectrum I know! Unfortunately, I’ve been to way too many funerals this year, but I have heard a number of really great tributes about loved ones and anecdotes about their lives. A final story given at a funeral will often provide remarkable insight into the accomplishments, passions, relationships, and values of those we are remembering. And sometimes, it sheds light on the storyteller too – even as they are going through such an emotional and difficult time.
Every month, twice a month, I attempt to tell a compelling story of the Tuscano Agency. I share our values and passions for customer service and underwriting expertise. I also try to communicate what we can do for you as a brokerage market. We may not be the biggest in the industry, but we are focused on relationship and we love to win!
My job is to tell the story about how we hit the nail on the head with a great quote on a large schedule of apartments or how we put together a competitive option for a difficult products exposure. Or, that we are great truck underwriters and it doesn’t stop even after we bind, because we have an awesome team that will service the heck out of your account. Big or small, commercial lines or personal lines, I have a story to tell you about writing brokerage business because it is what we love to do. So, I am thankful for you and for the indulgence you extend while I share the Tuscano Story. If you want to learn more about us give me a call or check us out online And the next time you need help with brokering a piece of business, give us a call. 
Have a wonderful, magical, holiday season!