News & Views: Watching the Scoreboard
Newsletter – Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Who was it that said the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes? If that’s the case, we have about as much chance of tax reform as we do immortality! It’s funny to listen to the news reports about the Congressional debate on tax reform. It seems the partisan Congress is united on lowering tax rates but severely divided on how to recoup those lower rates by doing away with popular tax deductions. Gasp! You want me to pay taxes on the taxes I pay? Never! You want to limit the amount my employees can contribute to their 401k plan? That’s not fair! Obviously, this writer is going to keep his opinions to himself!
When I was a teen playing high school football or running track, it was comforting to look up at the scoreboard or timing clock and know exactly how I was doing (all things being relative!). We are down to the last half of the last quarter of 2017, and I’m still looking for the scoreboard that will tell me if we are ahead or behind! 2017 has certainly had its ups and downs. I think we have improved in so many ways, from our customer service to our markets and our easy-to-use online tools. It is a challenge to get the right business in the door, but in reality, we do a remarkable job writing new business and retaining a very high percentage of business at renewal. 
I think we’ve done an outstanding job of reaching our customers and educating them about our products and markets. Submissions are up, quotes, and binders are too. Yet ‘growth’ is a construct of the marketplace, and to be a rock star we still need to figure a few things out. One of which is how to reach more of our customers with the message that Tuscano is the team that you want to have by your side when you are checking the scoreboard. 
One of the things that really excites me right now is the opportunities we are seeing with property-driven business, especially hospitality and restaurant business. We know that competition is fierce, but I truly believe that the expert underwriting team here at Tuscano can give you the advantage! Every risk presents its own challenges – whether it is a new venture, an account with claims history, PC 9 or 10, or has a majority of liquor sales. Regardless of the specific challenge, we have the markets and options for those products to help your clients obtain the coverage they need. 
If you think that you could stand to brush up on the range of hospitality business that Tuscano can write, then please join us this Thursday. We are hosting an informative webinar featuring Tuscano underwriters and marketing staff along with carrier partners. Check out the information below and sign up
We’ve got game!