News & Views: Loyalty
Newsletter – Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Sam came home from college last weekend for the first time since we shipped him off to Penn Tech. I’ve probably been stressing more about how he is doing and adjusting to college than he has. But once home, Sam and I quickly fell into our old routines which included a family night at the movies. When we walked into the movie theater, Teri jokingly asked the cashier if there are discounts for college students. The answer was no, but when I looked at the ticket receipt, there was one ticket for $12 and two tickets for $9. Of course, I had to ask and was given the “isn’t it obvious?” look. Yup – you got it before I did – the senior discount! This was my first senior experience even though I’ve had plenty of senior moments.
So is the senior discount a way to earn customer loyalty? Surely there has to be a better way!
We are in an age of transition when it comes to brand loyalty, that is for sure. More and more consumers choose to interface with an app or a web page to make a purchase but are often left high and dry when there’s a problem that needs to be resolved. It is personally offensive to me when businesses intentionally hide from direct customer contact. Don’t they realize that customer service is the new sales! We’ll win customers by bringing value into the entire cycle of service, not only at the front end.
Granted, clients will shop around for premium and even the most loyal will move their business for enough savings. I’ve experienced that and I know you do too (but they’ll be sorry they left us right?). I know - winter is coming!! But my inner-optimist believes the insurance industry will be ready for it. We have been price-sensitive, relationship focused and customer-centric a lot longer than most industries. What I particularly love is how we own the customer relationship – as in - that’s my customer or she’s my go-to underwriter. 
It’s nice to see that the staff here at Tuscano take the care of our customers to heart. More and more producers and CSRs love working with our staff – we get the comments almost daily: Fantastic work! You crushed this! WOW never knew I could do that. You are earning your angel wings today! Pretty cool stuff right? If you want to deal with a broker who shares your work and customer care ethic, then I know you will love working with Tuscano.
Our Property, Package and Liquor Team underwriters have been sharing some great success stories lately. These aren’t just the usual binding authority or contract accounts. Rather, they are sharing how they got that unusual risk quoted or an account that needed extra effort to get coverage terms required. I highly recommend that you give them a call on your next piece of hospitality or property-driven business and let them WOW you with their excellent service and underwriting expertise. If you are curious about what we’ve been binding lately then check out our marketing page and see what we’ve been writing in your state and beyond.
Speaking of beyond state borders. We've recently updated our Personal Umbrella Comparative Rater to provide Umbrella quotes in any of the 21 states we are licensed in! 
Basically, I’m OK with getting older because I know we’re getting better!