News & Views: Commence With the Double-Whammy
Newsletter – Thursday, June 1, 2017

dou·ble wham·my (noun informal), a twofold blow or setback - as in the emotional shock a parent receives when one child graduates from college and another child graduates from high school at the same time."

Why is it when your kid(s) hit the graduation milestone you start reflecting on your own life? How did this happen? How did I get here? What do I do now? How did we get from graduating from Tuscano Tots daycare to this? However, as all good and realistic parents conclude, this moment is about and for our children - their accomplishments and their future. 

I remember giving advice (hah!) to some younger friends whose children had recently started school; I sagely told them to "parent hard". It's a comment that has rattled around in my brain for the last 16 years. Did I parent hard or did I think parenting was hard?  

My kids have had great lives and plenty of opportunities. I don't think they had it overly easy but they've had many advantages and adventures. They know without a doubt they are loved, yet they sometimes worry they are not good enough. My kids have witnessed first-hand how families care for each other and cherish their own inclusion. They know right from wrong, and while I wish I would have demanded more from them they think I demanded too much. 

I received some good advice myself recently. When the time comes, your children must take the reins of their own life and you have to let go, but they will always be your kids no matter what road they travel. I know that many of you are in my shoes right now reliving the years and watching your children move into the next phase of their lives. Congratulations to you mom & dad and congratulations to the classes of 2017 everywhere. 

Graduations aside, this year has been speeding right along! The Property team has recently picked up two new markets that have greatly expanded their ability to compete on property-driven business. They are seeing a lot of success writing restaurant/bar/tavern business, vacant commercial or mixed occupancy properties as well as habitational type risks. They aggressively pursue the best options for your insured and work hard to bring you back a sellable quote. All you have to do is remember Tuscano Can Do it!

You know who else are experts? Our Small Business Unit underwriters (SBU)! Wouldn't you know it, but two of their specialties are writing daycare and specialty & trade schools! If you have a daycare - anything from an in-home caregiver to 24-hour facility - please call us! Many of our graduating seniors are also alumni of the Tuscano daycare - time really does fly! 

Pick up the phone and talk to any of our underwriters. They are happy to discuss the risk with you. I hear often that one of the greatest frustrations in this industry is when people don't answer the phone or 'never calls me back'. You will not have that problem when you call Tuscano. I can't guarantee that we can quote every risk or be the lowest price on the table, but I can assure you that the people at Tuscano will take care of you! 

Before I sign off, I'd like to give a big shout out to all of the Tuscano family 'kids' that will be lining up for Pomp and Circumstance:

From the Tuscano Tots daycare:
Blake, Madison, and Nina are heading to Kindergarten in the fall!

Our High School grads!
Sydney, daughter of Janis Loughner
Luke, son of Heidi Conrad
Madison, daughter of Cindy Jones
Zach, son of Jenn Siko
Jacob, son of Kathy Shrader
Sam, son of Rob Tuscano

Congrats to our recent college grads!
Connor, son of Ellie Murphy 
Grace, daughter of Rob Tuscano
Kimmi, daughter of Barb Baston

Best of luck to all!