News & Views: Happy Easter, Passover, Spring.
Newsletter – Thursday, April 13, 2017

Before I forget, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover and for the unaffiliated, Happy Spring! The Tuscano staff will be off on Friday for a long weekend and we hope, time to appreciate family, friends, and faith. We'll be back at work on Monday and can't wait to help you with your E&S brokerage.

In light of the recent United Airlines debacle, I am almost afraid to share my recent bad travel karma story, but it's a slow news month so oh well! Teri and I were lucky enough to travel to Florida for a company meeting last week. It was a great event and we got to see a lot of our peers and have meaningful conversations about the state of the industry. I wanted to get back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for the Insurance Club of Pittsburgh's I- Day event so I could see my friends and peers in the Pittsburgh area! It turned into a 22-hour long day with a little bit of flying and a lot of hanging around. No, I wasn't bumped from my flight or escorted off the plane, but I was flying through Atlanta and most of the flights coming and going had been grounded due to the heavy storms.

On reflection, I have to admit that of course, I'd rather be sitting in an airport than in a tin can at 15,000 ft. being tossed around or worse. But you and I both know what we really want is to go about our business with no interruptions, delays, or inconveniences and while we are at it, how about world peace? 

It's true, service defects will occur even to the very best customer experience (CX) companies. You and I are committed to giving our customers the very best experience we can. But there will be circumstances we can't control, so a great CX company will make it a discipline to understand and practice their service recovery. Maybe after this week, United will take a page from that playbook.

In the insurance world, there are plenty of opportunities for bad things to happen - it is kind of the business we are in. Being able to come through it and still keep your customer choosing you over anyone else in the world? Well let's just say, that is my moonshot!

We are experiencing our own mini-crisis in our Transportation Department. We are down two underwriters, but the team is going above and beyond to get to all of the new business submissions. I would like to give a big shout-out to Janis and Kelli for going above and beyond by putting in loads of extra hours. Thanks as well to Jeremy for stepping back into his former role as Transportation Underwriter, and kudos to the rest of the team for pulling together and giving great support. I'm happy to announce as well that Matt Barbera who was working in our Casualty Department and Mistey Burns who underwrote in the Property and Package Department are both transitioning into the Transportation Team. We are confident that we will be back to our service goals and standards within the next several weeks, and we certainly appreciate your patience. As always, please pick up the phone if you need something immediately, or let us know what your target date is and we'll do our best. We'll also be honest when we can't get to your risk, or when we don't have a viable market. If that is the case, we will let you know as soon as we can.

As you know, it takes a team to do amazing work and I for one am very appreciative of all the fine folks who make the Tuscano Agency successful.

Enjoy your weekend, and your tax day reprieve!