News and Views: The Summer Hummer
Newsletter – Tuesday, August 17, 2021
We had a Hummer of a good time last Friday, and if you were able to join us then thank you! If you missed the party, then please know we missed you!
Fifty (one) years is a huge milestone! For those of us that have crossed the half-century threshold, you know what I mean! My sister decided to jump out of an airplane when she turned fifty. And when that got canceled because of the weather, she got her nose pierced! I, on the other hand, got to go on the ultimate guy’s trip – golfing in Scotland and England, including the ‘Home of Golf’, St. Andrews. I firmly believe that the best way to face a milestone is to challenge yourself to live life to the fullest!
While parties are fantastic, the real joy of the job comes from the people we meet, work with, help out, deliver for… you get my meaning. I was reminded Friday night how often people chose to do business with Tuscano because they love the folks that work at Tuscano. Over and over again, we heard it – you have the best staff, everyone is so helpful, I just love my underwriter. It also puts in mind that you have a choice in who you broker business to, lots of them. Thank you for the confidence you have in us.
I can’t believe that summer is winding down and kids are (fingers-crossed) heading back to school. I have mentioned before that there is some disruption going on in the insurance marketplace. I’ve seen carriers pulling out of certain classes, or pulling out of some offices, or they are increasing rates across the board. Rate and risk go hand in hand and our business model is to help you with hard-to-place risks.
And while I know I just said the market was a little tougher, I am pretty excited to let you know that one of our markets has just come out with a snow removal contractor product that looks amazing. That has been a chronically difficult class of business for many years; there are losses and they tend to have a long tail! What’s in the contract is critical to how a risk is written, and we need a fairly long lead time. Hence, this is why I am talking about snowplows in August! Check out the Supplemental Application for snowplowing.
I’m also thinking that with all the rain we are getting here on the eastern side of the country, that flood coverage is a pretty important product you need (or should) know about. Yes, Tuscano writes private flood insurance. While the NFIP is perfectly suitable for some accounts, the private market has some great pricing advantages as well as flexibility on some coverage and underwriting. If you have not tried us for this class of business you really should. Call us!
Don’t let the summer pass you by or your milestones for that matter!