News and Views: Have You Been Hacked?
Newsletter – Tuesday, June 15, 2021
What did the hacker's 'out-of-office' message say?
Gone phishing.
I was reading an article in the latest IA Magazine about the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline last month.  A criminal gang that goes by the name DarkSide, was able to hack into Colonial’s network causing a disruption in deliveries of gasoline and jet fuel throughout the Southeastern U.S. All it took for hackers was a single password that allowed them to breach a legacy VPN.  And this is a company that has spent over $200 million on IT infrastructure upgrades in the last several years.
Cybersecurity is no joke! More than 56% of ransomware victims paid the ransom to restore access to their data last year according to a study by global security company Kaspersky.  As insurance professionals, we need to understand cyber risk from two perspectives – as the keepers of client and employee data and as insurance advisors who construct walls of protection around our client’s risk exposures. I hate to say this but Cyber coverage is becoming the new fire insurance. Everyone should carry it whether they are required to or not.
Which is good news for you because Tuscano, your friendly, neighborly, insurance broker, has both the team of experts to place this business and the markets that will be appropriate for the exposure. Our specialized professional team can help you navigate through coverage forms, and to help meet the needs of your customers. What a great value-added service for you choosing Tuscano. The add-ons to a package policy just don’t cut it for all anymore.
We’d be happy to discuss our markets and appetites, and if you are thinking you’d like to go after this business, we can help. And we don’t need an app to indicate, just about 6 pieces of info. I would encourage you to give the Tuscano professional team, Sandy and Debbie, a call with any new prospect or re-market.
Summertime is fun-time! It feels good to be traveling again. Hope your summer shapes up to be all you’ve been waiting for!
Rob Tuscano here signing off from the banks of the Snake River!