News and Views: Summer Hummer
Newsletter – Monday, May 17, 2021
Here at Tuscano Agency, we love to tell stories! Some of our favorites are stories of company gatherings and the hi-jinks we got into as our younger selves. Over a span of several years that lasted into the early ’90s, we held an epic annual summer picnic known as the Summer Hummer. We invited customers, company underwriters, and staff to attend the event. We had the perfect place to host it too – at Bill Tuscano’s homestead in the Laurel Highlands. It conveniently had a pavilion, a pool, a creek, and 5 acres for parking cars and pitching tents! Some of you have stories to tell about the Summer Hummer, too.
Why was it called the Summer Hummer you ask? Well, because it was a hummer of an event! We’d roast a couple of pigs, had a band playing, brought in a beer truck, and offered spots in the field for overnighters to camp out! Over the course of the evening, there would be volleyball, dancing, a poker game or two, and inevitably someone would get thrown in the pool. I tell you it was a great party! We even had a poem or two written about the hummer to commemorate the epic-ness of it all. Here for your reading pleasure is a re-print of poem #10 that laments the end of the Hummer run –
Do you remember way back when –
When the Hummer was new instead of ten,
When the pork and pine wafted through the breeze,
And the meadow was awash in campers and RVs.
When we all visited the convivial shrine
Of free-flowing foam and somewhat singed swine?
Well, if you remember, my old humming friend,
Be aware that the Hummer is coming to an end.
Time to close one door, with love and affection;
Time to chart a new course, find a new direction.
Sing the song of the swan and raise a stein
To parties past and auld lang syne.
We’ll walk away before we become tradition,
But be sure to attend the final edition –
The biggest and best and last Summer Hummer.
(Now, all please rise and mutter “Bummer”)
~Bill Ross, official pig-poet of the Summer Hummers, now poet laureate emeritus
So why am I bringing this up now? Because the Summer Hummer is making a comeback! Seriously, we all need a reason to eat some roast beast, drink some beer, and celebrate Tuscano’s 51 years in business! Mark your calendars and Save the Date – August 13th at Seven Springs Resort. More details and an official invite and RSVP will follow and I apologize for the Summer Hummer Bummer if you are too far to travel for a company party.
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