News & Views: It's More Than a Sprint
Newsletter – Thursday, October 15, 2020
My best sport in high school was track; by the time I was in my senior year I was running the half-mile - which it turns out is just an extra-long sprint. Over the past several months, I’ve learned that sprinters can run long distances, and I’ve also learned not to hold my breath until the finish line!
My strategy for running the half-mile was to position myself behind the front runner for the first 220 yards. I wanted to stay in position, but not burn myself out. I was always more successful in chasing someone than being chased! The truth is that it usually came down to the last 110 yards – I just needed to avoid being boxed in, establish a clear line between myself and the finish line and dig deep for the final push. I was not the best runner on the team but I helped the team win meets, and I guess that’s what I am really musing about this morning.
I never broke 2 minutes for the half-mile distance but I came very close, which was respectable for an average kid. As a team, we’d run lots of miles, do lots of hills, and spent a lot of time on the track doing speed work. And even though my effort was mine, I found that it was my team that drove my success. 40 years later I still believe that success comes through team effort.
Here we are in the middle of October and I feel like we are in a 6-month marathon, and for a sprinter, you know this is torturous! I keep looking for the final bend and my lane to the finish line and someone keeps moving the posts! Obviously, these are challenging times for everyone. Most businesses are open but are we truly back to normal? Schools are ‘back’ but how are our children faring? Workers are working, but many, including my team, are experiencing remote work fatigue.  
As with any team sport, we rely on our teammates. We are here for each other and we are here for you. And when you send Tuscano a submission to work on, we believe we are now on your team and our job is to help the team win. So bring it on!
Within the Tuscano organization, we have product specialists just as a track team will have athletes that specialize in certain events. We have an underwriting team that focuses on Hospitality risks; they know the industry and the markets that insure it. We have a Professional Liability team that works with all types of businesses and individuals that need Professional Liability Coverage. Our Transportation Team is dedicated to writing trucking risks, both fleets, and non-fleet accounts. We also have teams that focus on Garage, Casualty, Work Comp, Property & Package risks, Small Commercial Business, and Personal Lines. And If you’re looking for multi-line underwriters with over 115 years’ experience in all lines, Our Tuscano-Insurance Markets Team fits the bill. That pretty much covers your insurance brokerage spectrum! And, if having all these teams makes you wonder who to call, we have that covered too. Just check out the staff page on our website which is organized by team and can be filtered. You can also learn who works on specific products by going to our product pages which includes the corresponding underwriting teams.  
What’s on your desk that we can help you with? Our market access is deep and wide, our product expertise is second to none and you will not get better customer service anywhere. Pandemic or not, Tuscano is here to help you succeed. We’ll cross that finish line together!
Team Tuscano is here for you!