Good Riddance, May
Newsletter – Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Have you ever eaten at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, MI? I’m expecting all of the University of Michigan alumni to step up here and tell me all about the pastrami sandwich! The reason I ask is that I was recently introduced to the co-founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, Ari Weinzweig. I listened to his story and philosophy and knew I had met a kindred spirit – a fellow business owner who loves food and has built a business on the principles of quality over quantity.
When I said 'met', I meant virtually of course! I participated in a webinar where he shared his philosophy of building a better workplace through hope. As business leaders, parents or insurance professionals, we need to inspire hope. That starts with helping employees, children and customers to see a better future and help them get there. I believe the reason we are seeing so much unrest and turmoil in our country these past few weeks is that people are losing hope. I can’t change the course of history, but I will do all I can to help the people around me to see that they matter as humans and what they do matters, and that grows hope. 
I’ll tell you one thing; I hope I never have to go through another May 2020! I welcome June! Good riddance to May! Most people grow beards in times of isolation. Not me! I shaved my beard off at the beginning of the pandemic stay@home order. I thought to myself, maybe a new look will help! Today I’ve decided June is going to be a reboot for 2020 and I’m bringing back the beard!
Have you noticed how many construction jobs have sprouted up recently? I for one, am really glad to see contractors returning to work. They are out in full-force in my neighborhood; everything from tree removal to grass cutting to home renovations. Of course, Tuscano is happy to write every one of these classes and more. Our target list is nearly comprehensive. For the artisan types give our Small Business Unit team a call or simply go online and rate one up yourself. If you have a heavier type of exposure, say cleaning contractors tasked to sanitize for coronavirus, give one of our Casualty underwriters, Cindy, Karen, Dina or Chelsea a call. We have the markets willing to write new ventures, those that need XS limits or have a tough exposure. Our underwriters are experienced, not only at underwriting the risk but also at finding the right market with the coverages your client needs. While you are talking to them, ask them about Worker’s Comp, Umbrella or Pollution liability to round out the account.
Don’t forget that Tuscano has multi-line underwriters for your needs. Peter, Joe & Bill are dedicated to writing business of all types and are especially successful writing municipalities, trucking, vacants and professional lines. We have both admitted and surplus lines markets that allow you to be successful with your clients. But that’s not all they do! We can help you with Excess, Worker’s comp, General Liability, Inland Marine, Property Package, Environmental & more.
If you write personal lines insurance in your agency, then one of the most useful tools you can avail yourself of is AMsuite, American Modern’s new online portal for producers. Licensed agents can do it all in AMsuite: rate, bind, take payments and generally service your policyholder’s every need. Extensive onboarding and training are available for AMsuite both from Tuscano as well as American Modern so no excuses! It has the potential to make your future a better one – I promise!
Stay hopeful because what you do matters!