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News & Views: That Special Ingredient
Newsletter – Monday, February 17, 2020
There are few activities I love more than eating. I’m not talking about just random over-eating, rather I’m talking about eating for the love of good food. I enjoy meals at restaurants, or diners or dives, as long as I walk away feeling like that was a worthwhile expenditure of discretionary income and calories! But what I love even more is cooking up something special at home. It may not be fancy, but I love to experiment and go off-recipe just to see if I can make a dish even tastier.
I’m not bragging, but last weekend I made a red sauce that was incredible! I believe in starting with the best ingredients, so for my sauce I used my own canned tomatoes. I’ve never followed a recipe but I usually put in the same key ingredients: garlic, bay leaf, Italian seasoning, olive oil, and if there is any left in the bottle I opened at the start of my adventure, red wine. This time around I added a beef bone to give it some flavor.
My cooking is all about bringing passion and some skill to creating a pretty good foodie experience – at least I like to think so. I believe that love and extra effort make a difference. If you don’t believe me just watch the Disney movie Ratatouille! You can buy pretty good spaghetti sauce in a jar, and it may be cheaper and pretty darn convenient, but at the end of the meal, you will know the difference!
It might be a stretch to connect this to insurance but at least let me make my case! People with passion – any passion at all – understand that you can’t just let something cross your desk or kitchen counter without giving it your flair, that thing you uniquely bring to the equation. This is what I see the staff at the Tuscano Agency doing all the time. They are the bringers of that special ingredient; they are the spice that tips the balance towards a great insurance experience. What I’m trying to tell you is you don’t have to sacrifice a great experience for fast or cheap.
Coming to Tuscano to write child care professionals and operations is a great example of a fast, competitive and great experience. Most of our daycares are handled by the Small Business Unit underwriters and when it comes to knowledge and expertise in this line of business, you can’t find a team better equipped. They can help you write child care operations of all types and sizes, large operations, small in-home, 24-hour, and those with unique exposures as well. Give them a call, whether for the liability, property or excess. We can also help you out with the worker’s comp. Tuscano knows how to put a little ‘extra’ in each experience. 
Another line of business I’d like you to remember Tuscano for is Pollution Liability. There are a myriad of risks that have pollution exposures and frankly, I am quite concerned that this coverage is under-sold. I have seen too many pollution claims turned in to the GL carrier and denied (and where do you think they will turn next – your E&O!). It could be a contractor or a property owner with an exposure, but the bottom line is we can help you. It doesn’t take much to get a quote so give us a try or give one of our Casualty underwriters a call.
We’ll be cooking up something special just for you!