News & Views: Saying Goodbye
Newsletter – Tuesday, February 4, 2020
You know you’re getting older when going to a funeral visitation or service is more frequent than going out to a bar. Sorry, but I couldn’t think of any other way to open this letter without being completely morbid. Unfortunately, I had two funerals last week and they are still heavy on my mind.
I attended the funeral for the mother of one of my best friends, Dolores “Dee” Wicker. Dee was a wonderful woman. To remember her is to remember a person who loved people. Listening to the memories that her kids and grandkids shared about Dee left me hopeful that I too, one day, would be thought of with that amount of affection.
We also said goodbye to a long-time family friend and business associate. Some of you might have seen the post on Facebook last week about Cassie Hayden’s passing. Cassie was Bill Tuscano’s first employee. Even though Cassie retired 20 years ago, her time at the agency and the work she and Bill did laying the foundation of this organization is worthy of being memorialized. If any of you ever worked with Cassie, you know she was one of a kind. You did things her way because it was the right way! After Cass retired from Tuscano, she worked part-time for her church. Her pastor commented during the eulogy that he was certain Cassie was in heaven and even now, she was organizing Jesus’s desk. Yup – that was Cass! As I reflected on the impact Cassie had on my life and the legacy of the Tuscano Agency, I realized I am a better insurance professional because of her way of doing things!
Everyone here at Tuscano is pretty pumped up and expectant that 2020 will be a great year. We have been planning for growth and how we can continue to meet your expectations for service and professionalism. We recently launched a new online rating tool for motor truck cargo. The program is underwritten by Great American Insurance Co., an A+ rated admitted carrier. This rater is a quote to bind tool which means that once you have your online quote, you will have the option to bind the account. Your binder is delivered instantly. You know that we love writing your truck business, and if we make it this easy to write cargo business, you ought to work with us on the whole account. We love trucks, and learned that from Cassie, too.
Although we started the year with goodbyes to old friends, we are also excited by the opportunities ahead and the new friends we’ll be making. Of course, we aren’t happy until friends become fans, so please, allow us to make a fan of Tuscano out of you!