News & Views: Rolling in to the next decade
Newsletter – Thursday, January 2, 2020
As we roll into the third decade of the 21st century, what are your best moments? Did you capture many of them on that handy device in your pocket? I have to say, in my humble opinion, the iPhone has been the most transformative invention of this century thus far. This device has revolutionized our lives by putting a phone, computer, and camera in our pockets. I’m thankful for that phone because the tens of thousands of pictures in my iPhoto library are a testament to my wonderful life!
Photos are great reminders of the important moments and people in our lives. Do you ever find yourself unintentionally scrolling back through your photo library and thinking “Oh – that’s a good one.”? Photos are helpful that way, like markers along the trail. 2019 has been quite a year of milestones and memorable moments. But my temptation is to always ask what’s next, and I sometimes forget to savor the memories and experiences.
The leadership team here at the Tuscano Agency has been doing a lot of thinking about the past and where we’ve come from. We’ve considered the foundation Tuscano is built on, and we are looking to build an even stronger organization in the years to come. 2020 is a big milestone year for us, as we’ll be celebrating our 50th year in business. While I know it’s not long compared to some of your agencies, Jinny and I are pretty proud that we ‘didn’t mess it up’ when Bill retired.
In the past decade, the Tuscano Agency has more than doubled: written premium, states operated in, employees and square footage of our building! In this past year, we wrote more new business than we wrote total in the year 2000! What’s all of that mean? To me, it means that you trust us more than ever to write your brokerage business. Tuscano’s success is based on your decision to send us your business. We know that you won’t send us business if you don’t think of us, our markets, our programs and our team of friendly professionals!
We also had a record number of Yahoos in 2019, as in Yahoo!, great job! Our customers said some of the nicest things about our teammates and we couldn’t agree more or be more motivated to show you our Can-Do-It service attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I know we are far from perfect, but I will declare 2019 a winner of a year for the Tuscano Agency and a milestone on the journey to being the best wholesaler in our marketplace!
We also said goodbye to a couple of key people in 2019. Jeff Johnson and Jeff DeMao are both enjoying their post-Tuscano life. Retirement appears to be contagious because Joann Lennert, Teri Masarik and Irene Barbera have all announced their plans to retire in 2020. We faced some hardships in 2019 as well. Marcia Novak, a senior underwriter on the Package, Property and Liquor team suffered a serious health event late last year. Marcia is one tough lady though, and we are praying for her full recovery.
We also picked up a lot of steam in several of our newest programs, most notably our private flood program. It is a great product with competitive rates and good coverage features! There is an easy online Flood Rater so you can get a quote in just a few minutes and if you choose to bind you are just a few screens away from having a binder in hand! We know this is a winner because we are writing a ton of flood business. Don’t miss out, make Tuscano your go-to broker for private flood business. This is a great coverage to add on for your customers with Dwelling Business, whether it is commercial or personal lines.
As always, we appreciate you; you motivate us to be the best we can be. We appreciate your business and know that it’s up to us to continue to earn your confidence. We appreciate all of the people that surround us in both our professional and personal lives and believe that with their help, we will continue to grow our memories and milestones!