News & Views: From the Ground Up
Newsletter – Monday, December 2, 2019
I recently read an article from (one that Jinny sent me as per usual) about giving our employees a reason to feel proud of what they do. For me, this was a self-affirming read. I think the staff at Tuscano are very proud of the work they do, from answering the phones to underwriting, each role we fill is necessary and important. You too are important and necessary. I am proud of the job that you, as an independent agent, do and your support of the Independent Agency distribution system. You are the heroes of the insurance industry and what you do matters.
I was struck by a statement in the article, “people will do things in exceptional ways if they believe deeply in what they do.” I believe this applies whether you are delivering education or an insurance policy. Bill Taylor, the author of the article, is affiliated with Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He goes on to share about a three-day dance extravaganza held on the campus starring the school’s facilities and maintenance staff. When you have a couple of minutes, I’d encourage you to watch the YouTube video that was produced about the event, From the Ground Up
As I was watching the Wake Forest video, I was thinking about the Tuscano Teams behind the scenes: our fantastic Accounting team who go out of their way to provide assistance on all things billing, the very busy and efficient team in Policy Service who issue 1000’s of certificates, policies, endorsements, loss runs, service requests and so much more; the IT team who keeps us up and running – better, faster, longer.
At Tuscano Agency, we strive to be your heroes! When we pick up the phone (which unlike many brokerages, we actually do) we strive to actively listen, answer your questions, and solve your problem; in other words, be your heroes. We know you are fans of our staff; we hear the stories of the extraordinary feats they do in order to deliver great service and insurance options. We all take pride in our job as well as the job our co-workers do.
I want to highlight a new Homeowner’s program we are very enthusiastic about. This is a program designed to hit that middle market, owner-occupied or seasonal dwelling risk. Our sweet spot will be in the $100K- $500K property value, any age, any PC, with roofs up to 25 years old. We are writing these on an HO3 form with ACV, FRC or RC valuations. We are also able to write coastal properties with a few exceptions. Please give Carrie, Deb or Judi in our Personal Lines department a call to discuss the options available. We have plenty of markets and options available for all types of occupancies and dwellings.
While snow removal contractors have been very tough to insure over the last few years, we’ve managed to pick up a few markets that give us plenty of additional options to write this class. I’d recommend you call one of the Casualty underwriters – Dina, Karen, Cindy or Chelsea – to discuss the risk. They’ll be happy to guide you on whether we can help you and what is needed to secure a bind-able quote.
Look for your 2020 Tuscano Calendar in your mailbox very soon! This year Tuscano is celebrating our 50th anniversary, so our calendar theme is celebrations. Each member of
Team Tuscano chose their celebratory picture to share with you. While we only mail one calendar per agency, if you need an extra Tuscano calendar for the boss we’re happy to accommodate! Just send us an email at!
I’ve had a very Thankful start to the holidays and I hope you have too.