News & Views: Team First
Newsletter – Friday, November 1, 2019
It is official. Fall is here; baseball is finally over! Congratulations to the Washington Nationals team and bravo to the Houston Astros! I have to say, that was one of the best World Series I’ve experienced in a long time. For one, I didn’t have to root against the Yankees (yikes, did I just say that out loud?) Don’t hate me Yankee fans, I have a Pirate’s complex so you know where I’m coming from. What I loved about this World Series was that this was the first series where every game was won by the visiting team – not great for the fans in the stands, but wow! Talk about resilience, focus and discipline!
I just love that baseball players have to play both offense and defense. They have their chance at the plate to get on base and hopefully across home plate. It’s also a defensive game which means they have to be in position and make the play. Everyone must be 100% for the team, even if they are not at 100% themselves. Doing my job is largely the same. So, when I come home from work and my son Sam asks me how my day was, sometimes I can tell him how I hit it out of the park and other days I have to admit I struck out in all my at-bats. 
Believe it or not, my job as coach, GM and owner is not always as glamorous as the job of the player on the field.  But I love this Tuscano team more than anything, so “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today!”
Fortunately, the insurance business has evolved beyond baseball’s secret hand gestures and signals. An email can be effective or disruptive. Picking up the phone is great, but actually connecting with a person on the other end can be an exercise in futility. And what about this newsletter? I could be blacklisted in New York because I offended all of our customers who are Yankees fans! Either way, the tools we use to communicate improve through practice and use. Since you are our team, we want to make sure the signals we send you are clear and easily understood.
On that note, get ready for some important news! All types of habitational business, especially homeowners, has been a growing market for Tuscano. We have admitted markets that will offer broad coverages and competitive rates. We also have surplus lines markets that will write risks with losses, lapses in coverage, coastal properties and seasonal dwellings.  Recently we launched a new Homeowner program on Lloyd’s paper for your middle-market clients. By that, I mean not too small, not too big, not too standard. Yes, it is on non-admitted paper, but the underwriting is broad and the rates are competitive for the class. We can write in all 13 states up and down the east coast. Getting a quote is easy as well. We have an online Homeowner submit tool that gathers all of the rating and underwriting information we need and allows us to turn your quote around quickly. Give Carrie, Judi or Deb Belcher a call to discuss your risk and I promise it won’t be futile! 
As mother always said, “there’s a lid for every pot”. That’s when Tuscano can step up to the plate and help you hit a homerun. 
We are pretty good at this insurance stuff you know!