Bring on the Barbaras
Newsletter – Monday, September 16, 2019
I read an interesting article from Harvard Business Review recently titled The Hidden Power of Teams. It all boiled down to the most engaged employees are those that feel connected to a team of people who they collaborate with and whom they know ‘has their back’. It doesn’t matter if you are in healthcare, education or insurance – the ability to work on a team that adds value to your work can make a world of difference!
In this article, the writers described a ‘composite’ of the most engaged employee in the world – Barbara. Barbara is female, married, has a pet python (named Gary), works from home part of the time, has a side hustle, and works on a team. OK, she doesn’t really have a pet python named Gary. What jumped out to me when I read this was that autonomy (flexible work), the side hustle (having interests outside of work) and belonging to a team is the secret sauce for engagement. We all have an engagement switch; we just need to be in a situation that triggers it!
For the past twelve years, we’ve been privileged to work with Jeff DeMao. Jeff will be retiring at the end of September. Many of you know Jeff from his previous insurance life or have gotten to know him as our Tuscano-on-the-Road Barbara. He’s called on hundreds of offices on our behalf, and I’ll bet he knows something about every office he’s visited. Jeff always did whatever I asked of him, whether it was to lead a team or play his guitar (his side hustle!) for the company outing. I know his wife Caroline already has him hooked up with an extensive honey-do list and that they’ll enjoy traveling. Please join me in wishing him the best in his retirement.
I can’t brag enough about team Tuscano. I might be biased, but I think we deliver expert, engaged and exceptional service to our customers because we employ Barbaras. An aptitude for customer service and commitment to the team has made Tuscano a great company and a great place to work! We believe we can make a difference and that engages us! While we can’t control a poor inspection, a bad MVR or a business operation that doesn’t fit a carrier’s guidelines, our Barbaras are here for you and love to help. The best part of my job is to give brag-time to all of the teams within Team Tuscano.
Our Transportation Team continues to do some pretty amazing work. The trucking industry is growing rapidly in part because of the expansion of online businesses. Driver shortages, new ventures, and accelerated expansion are all problematic for trucking firms. Our team of trucking specialists can help! They can place the auto liability, auto physical damage and cargo, either together or separately. We can also write the GL, workers comp and excess coverage for your trucking clients. While we do have more market access in some states than others, ‘Barbara’ is always happy to discuss a risk on the phone before you submit it.
Our Package & Property Team has been seeing a lot of success writing liquor liability business. This market is (again) becoming harder. That’s where Barbara can step in and make your day! We won’t lie to you just to sucker you in. If we can help, or even think we can help, we’ll be straight – that’s how we roll! Send us your submissions or if you have an account coming up for renewal, give us the opportunity to provide you with an alternative quote. 
We make a great team!